Beginners can benefit a lot if they have some handy tips to start jogging. Read on to know some simple jogging tips for beginners.

Jogging Tips For Beginners

In today’s busy schedule, people are so busy with their work that they hardly find time to exercise and keep themselves fit. They spend heavily on attending gym and getting training sessions, but to less impact. They tend to forget that jogging presents the easiest way to keep yourself fit and healthy. It helps you burn calories and fat deposits in the most natural and healthy way. Jogging also enhances your intake of fresh oxygen and boosts up the blood circulation. The body perspires heavily after jogging and thus gets rid of several body wastes as well. The beginners may find initial troubles with jogging, but within no time, they will find themselves well adapted to the schedule. The benefits of jogging score much over its initial difficulties and thus, the exercise should be incorporated into everyone’s routine. We bring some really helpful jogging tips in the lines below, which the beginners will really benefit from.
Simple Tips To Start Jogging 
  • If you are a highly complacent person, with no real physical activity in the past, it is advisable to start your jogging session with mild walks. Gradually, you can run and increase your pace simultaneously.
  • Start jogging on the flat ground, as it is the simplest one to tread on. Gradually, as your body muscles become acquainted with the schedule, you can go for the incline or other difficult tracts.
  • Clothes and shoes form an integral part of the jogging session. Always wear loose-fitting clothes for jogging. Avoid cotton clothes, as they will become wet by your perspiration. During winter, do not stuff yourself with heavy woolen clothes. Initially, you may feel warm against the chill of the winter, but once you start jogging, the heat will be unbearable.
  • Always choose shoes that fit you properly, otherwise they will hurt you while running. Every person has a typical running style and thus, the choice of shoes differs. You can choose between cushioned shoes, racing shoes, motion control shoes and others.
  • The best time to go for jogging is early morning. In the early hours of morning, the atmosphere is least polluted and you can have fresh supply of oxygen. So, make it a habit to get up early, if you want to get the complete benefits of jogging.
  • Choose an ideal place for jogging. Never go for jogging indoors or in cramped areas, as they have limited supply of fresh oxygen. Instead, go for an open garden or park, which is full of trees and plantation. In case, if you have a beach close by, you can go there to have a healthy jogging session.
  • Before you starting jogging, make sure that you do not eat any food. However, you should surely intake 2 or 3 glasses of water before jogging. Even then, make sure that the water content does not cross the said limit, as it will make your stomach feel heavy and prohibit you from having a smooth running.
  • Before going for a jogging session, you should take up some warm up exercises, like skipping, jumping and sit-ups, for 5-10 minutes. This will help you in relaxing your stiff muscles and get you started well with your jogging.
  • Another important factor that you should keep in mind is not to stress yourself with regard to the pace and distance covered. Start with shorter distances and run slowly initially. If you go for longer distance and adopt higher speed at the first instance itself, you will end up being exhausted and can even hurt yourself.
  • In the first days of your jogging session, just cover one kilometer. Gradually, increase it to 2-3 miles per week. Consequently, when your body gets adapted to this schedule, gear yourself up for longer distances and higher speeds.
  • In the initial stages, you may feel tired soon. In such cases, stop jogging for a while and take some rest. However, make sure that you do not rest for a long time, as it will make your muscles stiff.
  • You can have citrus or some other fruit juice in between your jogging schedule, in the initial stage. This can refresh you and also help you complete the schedule successfully. However, make sure that you do not fill your stomach completely with them, as it will make your running difficult.
  • Once your jogging schedule is completed, cool down your muscles for 5 minutes. This is necessary as your body muscles are not used to getting so stretched.
  • Do not discontinue your jogging session because of any reason. Make it a habit and then feel the difference.

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