Thigh exercises and work outs are the best way for ensuring fat loss. Check out thigh and butt toning exercises.

Thigh Workouts

Have you always dreamt of having absolutely toned legs and a great posterior? The very thought of flaunting those shapely legs by wearing mini-skirt seems to perk you up! Add to that, a toned butt; you have the perfect body that is flaunted by supermodels on the ramps. Most women complain that their problem areas are the thighs and butt. This is because most of the fat gets deposited in the thigh region. When you work out, you sometimes tend to concentrate on just the upper part of the body and ignore legs. Given here are simple exercises that will ensure fat loss from the problem areas and give you perfectly toned legs and a butt.  
  • For getting started, you must walk briskly in order make your tight muscles move. Aerobics, in the form of brisk walk or swimming is the best solution for losing mass and unwanted fat from the thighs. It goes a long way in shaping up your legs. A 20 - 50 minute walk every day will affect your thighs and start to shape them significantly.
  • For toning up your thighs, cycling is a great option. If you have a cycle, do cycling for 20 - 30 minutes everyday. Else, you can go to the gym and run on the treadmill or exercise on a stationery cycle. Make sure to keep the resistance to the minimum so as to avoid any muscle growth on thighs.
  • The idea here is to burn more calories than you have taken in. Adding light weights to your workout routine and doing constant repetitions will definitely help eliminate the problem from your thighs. Keep the weights light as even a slight heaviness can lead to sore leg muscles.
  • Skipping can also shape up unshapely legs. Do skipping daily for at least 15 minutes for attaining toned thighs. They firm up sagging skin and give firmness to the thigh muscles.
  • Leg curls are also excellent for toning up the thighs. For this, you need to go to the gym and use the proper equipment. Using the leg curl exercise machine is quite simple. Lie face down on the bench and stretch your legs and hook them at the foot handles. Grab onto the handles at the sides of the bench for support. Now, slowly curl up your legs slowly and do it till your front thigh muscles are stretched and the muscles at the back are contracted. Hold for a few seconds and then release slowly. Repeat, depending on your comfort level. This exercise tones up the thighs to a great extent.
  • A great exercise to tone up your butt can be done right at your home. Hold on to a chair, with the seat facing away from you. Grasp the back support of the chair and do sit ups, 15 - 20 times, making sure your butt is stretched every time you sit. Relax after doing a set and repeat it once more. Do it daily to have firmly toned butt.
  • A great way to tone up the inner thigh is as follows. At the bottom of your staircase, stand sideways, with the railing at your back. Grasp it from the behind for support. Place your right foot on the first stair, sideways. Now, take your left leg over the right leg and place it on the second stair. Climb up the stairs in this fashion and within a month notice considerable amount of change.

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