Well toned thighs are a much valued asset that allows you to flaunt those skin-fitting jeans in style. Explore the article to know some very effective exercises for trimming and toning thighs.

Thigh Toning Exercises

Toning and reshaping heavy thighs has become easier with the help of some simple exercises, which you can perform at home. However, for those who suffer from backaches or other slip disc related problems, it is advisable to consult a professional instructor or a doctor before undertaking any of these exercises, else, the problem may aggravate. Monitoring your diet while doing thigh exercises will help you in achieving the desired results quickly. The article brings you some very effective thigh toning and trimming exercises. Read on to know how to tone your thighs in just a matter of time.
Thigh Trimming And Toning Exercises
Running is an exercise that not just tones your thighs, but conditions your entire body as well, by burning lots of calories. You can either hit the road for running, if you want, or just run at home, on the treadmill. It is a cardiovascular activity that works out your entire body, even as your thighs are being toned. You can increase the pace and distance of your run with time. For those who have a back problem, running or brisk walk on an even surface is a workable option. However, they should consult a professional to avoid any problems.
Squats represent yet another excellent exercise to tone your thighs and buttocks. You have the option of using weights for performing a squat as well. Stand straight, with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place a barbell on your shoulders from behind your head comfortably (optional). Stretch your arms out and keep them straight, for maintaining balance. Now, gently lower your body into a sitting position. As you do this, keep your back flat and bring your rear end out. Use your thigh strength to lift your body up, when in the squat position. Do 8-12 repetition of squats and gradually, increase the sets.
Stand straight with your feet together. With one leg, take a large step forward. Touch your back knee to the floor, while keeping your upper body straight and arms at your sides. Bend your front leg and keep the front shin perpendicular to the ground at the same time as you touch your back knee to the floor. Lift your back up, with your legs in the same position and repeat, almost touching your back knee to the ground. Perform 8-10 repetitions on one leg and then, switch to the other leg. Gradually, bring it to 2-3 sets for each leg. You can also add weights, by holding dumbbells in each hand, as you gather strength.
Wall Slide
Wall slide is performed with the support of a wall and is a very effective thigh toning exercise. For doing this, you have to stand against a wall, with your back flat on it. Brings your legs out in front on you and bend your body at the waist level and bend your knees as well. This position will appear as if you are half sitting and half standing. For at least 10 seconds, let your body remain in this position. Now, come back to the original position. Do 10 repetitions of the wall slide exercise.

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