Read this article to know about some exercises to train the inner thighs and make them strong.

Inner Thigh Workout

The thighs are the muscle group of the leg which consists of the masses located to the front, rear and sides of the upper leg. Your thighs assist you in several activities like walking, running and supporting your whole body. It is important to workout the inner thighs simply for routine day-to-day activities, for personal satisfaction and fitness. However, when not is use, your inner thighs tend to accumulate extra fat, thus giving you soft, flabby inner thighs. But, that isn’t a concern for you to worry about, with the good news being that these excess fatty thighs can be reduced down to toned and strong muscles. With some body strength training and proper diet, combined with the right workout schedule, you can get your inner thighs back to shape, sculpted just the way you want them to be. Though toning of inner thighs seems to be a difficult process, but when provided with proper care, you can achieve good blood circulation also. For some exercises that’ll target the inner thigh muscles to give them a toned shape and attractive appeal, browse through the following segment.
Inner Thigh Exercises
Wide Stance Squat
Stand straight with your feet apart at a little more than shoulder-width distance. Make sure that your toes point out towards the outside. Lower yourself slowly into a squat position such that your knees are bent and your back is straight. Keep your hands by your side, as in the starting position. Hold the position for one count and gradually return to the start position, straightening your legs on two counts. Repeat again.
Plié Squat
Start by standing straight on your toes, with the heels touching each other. Your toes should be slightly turned out. Begin the exercise by rising up on your toes, while keeping the heels together. If you feel like wobbling, take support of a wall, but maintain your posture. Now, bend your knees into a half squat position in two counts and return back in another two counts, keeping your heels together.
Leg Lift
Lie down on a straight surface on your left side, keeping your body in a straight line. Place your left arm under your head, while keeping the left leg straight and extended. To maintain the body balance, keep your right arm in front of you. Slowly lift the right leg and bend at the knee. Place it in front of the left knee on the floor. Slightly flex the left foot and lift it off the floor. Hold the position until you feel the pull in the inner thigh muscle. Return the leg to the floor and repeat on the other side.
Double Leg Lift
Lie down on your right side on a straight surface with a medicine ball between your ankles. Place your right arm under your head and your left hand on the floor in front of you to stay steady. With your legs, hips and shoulders in a straight line, life your legs up to several inches in the air. Gradually bring down your legs on the floor. Repeat again. Switch sides to repeat on the other side.
Sumo Squat with Side Arm Raises
Stand straight with your legs at shoulder-width distance and toes pointed out. Hold a dumbbell in each hand keeping your arm straight and palms facing the sides. Start with bending your knees and raising your arms to just below the shoulders. Make sure that your arms are in line with your legs. Hold the position for a count and bring back your arms to your sides, while straightening the legs. Repeat.
Pamper your inner thighs with these exercises on a regular basis to get healthy, strong and sexy legs that are firm and sculpted. Time to sport your bikini or teeny shorts at the beach, flaunting your perfectly toned inner thighs!

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