Slim down without cutting down on your favorite food, by following the Fat Burning Furnace (FBF) diet. With this article, explore the principles of FBF diet & thus know how does it work.

How Does The FBF Diet Work

Fat Burning Furnace (FBF) diet was invented by Rob Poulos and is quite different from the usual diet and workout programs. It focuses on short cardio exercises, combined with a cleverly designed diet, to boost metabolism and help a person lose weight faster. This program goes beyond the traditional belief of ‘eat less, workout more’ concept and provides a smarter and simpler way to weight loss. Fat burning furnace does not force any strict diet plan upon its followers. Rather, the users are provided with alternatives from which to choose their favorite food items. This promotes an enjoyable process of weight loss, instead of something that seems like anguish or a torment diet plan. The exercises designed under this program helps in building lean tissues, put the muscles into action and boost metabolism. These exercises can be easily performed at home and there is no more a need for you to visit a gym and spend 45 minutes on a treadmill or other machines. In this article, we will help you explore exactly how does the FBF diet work.
Principles Of Fat Burning Furnace Diet
  • Fat Burning Furnace believes that there is no need to tire oneself down by spending hours on treadmill or elliptical machines, to burn off the body fat. In fact, Rob Poulos, the inventor of FBF diet program, believes that even long cardio is not really effective as a fat burning activity. He believes in short cardio workouts, which are high in intensity.
  • The FBF program does not believe in starving to lose weight. It says that one can keep enjoying food on a regular basis, if sizable portions are consumed. This program aims at reducing weight without people resorting to starvation. It believes in the fact that there is no need to give up on food, when there are alternatives available. In fact, depriving oneself may backfire and result in a weight loss plateau or even weight gain.
  • Fat burning furnace workouts focus on strength exercises. The purpose is to build lean muscle tissue; not just to look fitter, but also to burn fat faster, as the muscle tissue increases.
  • The concept of Rob Poulos and the basis of his program is that our body has the general ability to burn fat. What is required is to do the right thing, so that the natural flame of the body is converted to a complete fat burning furnace. This will involve the right workouts and the right diet plan, which the FBF program provides to its followers.
  • Fat Burning Furnace program is very doable, as it teaches you to get used to a new lifestyle that will last for a long time. The workouts suggested by the program are not too long, while the diet provides varied food choices that do not compromise with the taste appeal of the people, both non-vegetarians and vegetarians.

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