Looking in for instant weight loss, without compromising on the food? If yes, then do make sure to know what Stillman diet is. Read on to get detailed information on the Stillman diet plan.

What Is Stillman Diet

Stillman diet, a high protein diet, was devised by Dr. Irwin Maxwell Stillman, sometime in 1965. It is one of the early forms of high protein and low carbohydrate, weight loss diet, which became quite popular in the late 60’s and towards the 80’s. Stillman diet is also considered to be a low-fat diet, as it maintains a strict avoidance of fat in the foods consumed. Based on consuming protein as part of the weight loss regimen, the diet promotes quick results. This type of diet is based on the concept that weight loss can be aided by the digestion of protein, which requires more effort. Our body is known to spend 30% more calories in the process of digesting protein, as compared to other nutrients. Stillman diet makes the adherents eat an unlimited quantity of lean meat, seafood, poultry, eggs and low fat cheese, all of them rich in protein. On the other hand, breads, sugar, alcohol, vegetables, and fruits have to be struck off the menu. Stillman diet suggests that the meals should be small and taken six times a day. Drinking water is given a lot of importance, as it makes the body get rid of unwanted ketons. If case, you want to explore in detail, as to what Stillman diet is, read on.
Stillman Diet Plan
Lean Meats
Stillman diet allows the adherents to consume unlimited quantity of lean meat, but with all possible fat trimmed off. The diet plan suggests that the meat should be consumed boiled, baked or smoked. No butter, oil or other fats should be added while cooking or eating.
Lean Fish
All lean fish like flounder, haddock and cod and other seafood, like shrimps, lobsters, oysters, crabs etc, can be consumed, but without any fat content.
Chicken & Turkey
Chicken and turkey can also be consumed, but with their skin removed. They can be boiled or roasted, with no added butter, margarine, oil or other fats.
Hardboiled egg is what is preferred and suggested by the Stillman diet chart. Soft or medium boiled eggs or any other type of fried eggs, without any fat content, can also be consumed.
Cottage cheese, farmer cheese and pot cheese can all be consumed, but only if they are made of skim milk and not whole milk.
Water is considered to be very essential in the process of fat loss. A minimum of eight glasses of water have to be consumed daily. One can consume coffee and tea as well, but without any cream, milk or sugar. Non-carbohydrate beverages and sodas can also be enjoyed.
Pros & Cons of Stillman Diet
The most important benefit of Stillman diet is that it offers a rapid and dramatic way to lose weight. People who follow this process can lose to about 10 pounds of weight in a week. This program is also very easy to follow and has no restricted or standard menu. On a Stillman diet, you can eat anytime you want, provided the food being consumed has been prescribed in the diet chart.
Stillman diet is full of protein consumption. Almost all the diets referred in it are highly rich in protein. Such a diet can lead to a serious deficiency of other essential substances needed by the body. People following this diet chart have complained of vitamin deficiency. Another disadvantage of this diet is that people tend to regain weight after they stopped following it. In fact, experts believe that Stillman diet can provide only temporary or short-term means to weight loss.

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