Eating of whole food diet is said to be the ideal way one can maintain a healthy mind & body. Read the concept of whole foods diet to understand what it is.

Whole Food Diet

The whole food diet comprises normal edible food items like fruits, vegetables, etc. The only perquisite is that these food items should be in their ‘whole’ or (in other words) as natural a state as possible. By this, it is meant that they have not been pre-processed in any way that disturbed their nutrition or flavor. As a result, they are free of all processing additives or subtractions.
Following are the key properties of whole foods. They are:
  • As natural and in their simplest possible form.
  • Procured in season they grow and from as close to the source as possible.
  • As chemically and additive free as possible.
  • Procured in bulk and not pre-packaged. 
Whole Food Diet Concept
Among the various spheres of science, perhaps it is only Yoga that lays so much importance on the eating of right food for a healthy mind and body. In fact, there is a distinct branch ‘Anna Yoga’ (Anna meaning food) dedicated to consumption of right kind of food. This eating philosophy ‘Anna Yoga’ recommends human beings the eating of a balanced ‘whole food diet’. Anna Yoga is specific eating instructions and techniques designed to help one maintain a strong and healthy body and a peaceful, spiritual mind.   
Infact this yogic eating philosophy says the consumption of whole food diet has become more mandatory now than ever before. This is because about 97 per cent of all our health complaints today can be said to be related to incorrect nutrition and diet. Another observation is that the East (especially Indian civilization) is found to be suffering from lesser diet-related health problems like indigestion, bowel problems, etc. This is because the East still follows the traditional cooking and eating pattern, inspired by the yogic eating philosophy.
In contrast to the present practice, Yoga does not divide food into vitamins, minerals, protein etc. The whole food diet plan recommended by Anna Yoga is based on the idea that the food must be had in as natural form as possible. It says the key to good health is by having a balanced whole food diet. Such a diet ensures that all the faculties of digestion - absorption, assimilation and elimination - work efficiently. If these three faculties of digestion work smoothly, it is highly unlikely that you will have any health problem. 

In today’s times, there is a big tendency of the people to have synthetic or processed foods, which create conditions that disturb the food digestion process. This, inturn, leads to various physical as well as psychological problems. Over the years, this can have perilous outcomes for a person. Infact even certain forms of cancer have been traced to be accruing from incorrect eating pattern. It is, therefore, suggested that people have whole food diet.

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