In order to gain weight and a big frame there are certain exercises that are a must. Check out the best mass building workouts.

Best Mass Building Exercises

Many people dream of having the chiseled body of a Greek God. While some keep dreaming, some actually set out and work hard to achieve that look. It is definitely not easy to lose all that fat and tone up the body. Lean people need to put on weight to build up muscle which is as difficult as losing weight. The markets these days are flooded with body building products that promise a great body without any efforts. However, it is advisable not to be misled by these products. The best way to build up body mass is by doing some specific exercises in the gym. You need to take out time and really workout in order to get that look. So check out some of the best mass building exercises and workouts.
Squats are the best bet if you want to have strong muscular legs. Following the proper technique in this exercise is everything, else you might end up hurting a muscle real bad. When you pick the bar, make sure your head is tilted upwards and your chest should be held out and not crouched. Your feet should be placed apart from each other slightly wider than your shoulder width. When you go down with the weight, visualize yourself as if sitting on a chair and stretch your hip out. This exercise works your hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes and also the lower back.
For a muscular and strong back, deadlifts are the best exercises. With proper training and perfect movement, your entire back will be strengthened. It is best to keep deadlifts at the end of your workout regime. It is best to work out other muscles like your legs before you start doing deadlifts. While going down with the weight, make sure your back is straight and not curved. Spread your legs slightly wider than your shoulder width. Doing deadlifts will enhance your lower back, middle back, trapezius, hips, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and forearms.
Bench Press
One of the favorites with all those wanting to build up their chest, the bench press is really helpful in developing and strengthening chest muscles. But many people do bench press in the most awkward way. They concentrate on lifting the weight without analyzing the position of their body. The weight should be comfortable, not too light and not too heavy. Pick it up slowly and lower it down very gently on your chest. While lifting it up again, take the weight slightly above so that it ends up above your chin.
Military Press
Military press is done when you want to work out your shoulder and broaden them. The weight should be pressed at the back of your neck since then you will really feel your shoulder muscles being pulled. All through this exercise, your elbows should be pulled back. This exercise will broaden your frame and tighten your shoulder muscles, giving you a wide and thick look on your shoulders. Keep your lower back and hip firmly pressed on the bench as the exercise progresses.
Pull Ups
Pull ups are perhaps the best and the easiest workout for acquiring a chiseled V-shaped back. You need a strong bar to hang on from. Pulling up your entire body weight is not easy, but with continuous practice, you will master this exercise. This exercise will work out your lower lats, back, biceps and forearms. Pull ups can be made difficult after sometime by adding a weight belt to yourself.

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