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What Causes Bad Breath

Lately, have you been experiencing people shying away from you the moment you open your mouth? Have there been quite a number of instances, when people started moving away from you, as soon as you started to speak? If yes, then it is the time to bring your palm close to your mouth and breathe out, from you mouth. Now, inhale the same air. You breath doesn’t seem fresh, does it? So, now, you have the reason for the strange behavior of people and it is none other than bad breath or halitosis.
The medical condition of Halitosis is known by the common name of ‘bad breath’. It is nothing but, the emission of a pungent odor from your mouth as you speak. The most common reason for bad breath is inappropriate or inadequate brushing or flossing by a person. This results in accumulation of bacteria on the leftover food in the mouth and between the teeth. The ultimate effect is bad breath. Apart from improper dental care, there are a number of other reasons as well, which can lead to bad breath in a person. To know about them, read on further.
Reasons Of Bad Breath
Certain Foods
Certain food items have a very pungent smell and when you eat them, you end up getting a bad odor in your mouth. The foods and drinks that come under this category are garlic, onions, cheese, orange juice, soda, etc. When you eat or drink any of these, the oils present in them are carried to your lungs. Ultimately, they come out through your mouth. The result is bad breath. Whenever you eat any of the food stuffs that have a pungent smell, it is advisable to either indulge in brushing or at least eat a mouth freshener.
Tobacco, eaten in any and every form, can lead to bad breath in the consumers. Whether you smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco orally, you will always end up getting a very bad breath. In short, tobacco is not only bad for your health (since it can lead to a number of fatal diseases), but your public life as well. How many more reasons do you need to quit the habit right away? 
Poor Dental Hygiene
If you do not maintain proper dental hygiene, you will always end up with a bad breath. To make sure that you have a fresh and clean breath, brush your teeth for at least two minutes. At the same time, make sure to indulge in brushing twice a day, once as you get up in the morning and the second time before going to bed. At the same time, never ever forget to floss your mouth properly.
Improper Cleaning of Tongue
While most of the people remember to brush their teeth, very few of them give much importance to the tongue. It is very important to clean your tongue as well, for which special tongue cleaners are available in the market. This is because many bacteria are present on the tongue and can lead to bad breath, if it is not cleaner properly.
Other Causes 
  • Sinus or tonsil infections result in excess bacteria at back of the throat, which in turn results in bad breath
  • Bad breath may be a sign of serious medical conditions like diabetes, duodenal ulcers, gastro-esophageal reflux, hypoglycemia, kidney or liver malfunction, and respiratory disorders.
  • Stress affects the digestive system, resulting in poor supply of digestive enzymes to the body, another cause of bad breath
  • A few dental problems, like periodontal disease and tooth abscesses, might also lead to bad breath.

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