The first thing that you should do, after drinking hard liquor, is to find ways to remove the alcohol breath. Explore the article and know how to get rid of alcohol breath.

How To Get Rid Of Alcohol Breath

Had a bash at the drinking party? You would have had few shots of your favorite drinks and still managed to drive down to your home. However, have you checked how you smell right now? If no, then before opening your mouth to your sweetheart, check your breath. If it smells terribly bad, then it is time you got your mouthwash and toothpaste in hand. Do not feel embarrassed - it is the problem faced by every third person on earth, who fails to take any precautions, after having alcohol. Halitosis or bad breath caused due to aromatic drinks (such as alcohol) and smelly foods can be cured in simple steps. In case you want to save yourself from the foul smelling breath caused due to alcohol, read the article. You will get to know how to get rid of alcohol breath, through the following lines.
Ways To Remove Alcohol Breath
Chew Mint Flavored Gum
Chewing gum is a reliable way to get rid of bad breath. Go for a gum that has the strongest menthol flavor. Mint-flavored gum acts as a breath freshener and hence, it should be chewed immediately after the consumption of alcohol. So, whenever you are going out for a night of drinking party, be sure to take a few mint-flavored chewing gums along with you.
Chew Fruit Flavored Gum
Choose a fruit flavored gum with a tart taste, to treat yourself for bad breath due to alcohol consumption. Initially, the tart flavor produced by the gum would make your mouth cringe. However, the sourness of the gum would yield good result - it would help a great deal in reducing the foul smell caused by alcohol. In case you are suffering from a chronic problem of halitosis, then chewing fruit flavored gum once a day, say after having food, is suggested.
Adopt Three-Step Oral Hygiene
By the time you reach home after a drinking party, the food particles and alcohol clinging on to you teeth and tongue would give way to the growth of microbes in your mouth, thereby producing bad breath. So, before going to sleep, brush your teeth with a toothpaste, gargle with a mouthwash and then floss. The three-step oral hygiene would prove effective in treating bad breath. Make this a practice after every drinking party and find yourself free of bad breath!
Eat While You Drink
One of the reasons why bars provide finger foods with alcoholic drinks is the capacity of such foods to absorb excess alcohol. So, munch on snacks, such as salted peanuts, while you are having alcohol. Apart from absorbing excess alcohol, the foodstuff would also prevent liquor from directly harming or irritating your stomach lining. In addition, the snacks would stimulate saliva, thereby reducing the alcohol smell from your breath.
  • Do not mix drinks - it is the worst thing you could do for your oral hygiene. Mixing 2-3 types of alcoholic beverages would increase the content of alcohol in your drink, thereby making it more toxic. So, stick to one drink that you prefer and after you drinking, follow proper oral hygiene every time.
  • Beware of aromatic drinks, particularly when you are struggling with the problem of halitosis due to alcohol consumption. The powerful odor of such drinks would aggravate your problem, thereby making it difficult to remove the bad breath. There is no harm in trying a few shots of aromatic drinks. However, make sure that the aroma is just enough to flavor the drink and not knock out the person you are talking to.
  • Know your capacity - figure out how much you can drink and still manage to stay conscious. In case you are suffering from chronic problem of halitosis, it is suggested to stay away from cocktails and hard liquor, because they have a very strong alcohol smell.

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