Spinning workouts are group exercises, where participants take part in a workout, on adjustable exercise bikes. Read on to explore the benefits & limitations of spinning exercises.

Spinning Workouts

‘Spinning workout’ is a relatively new term in the fitness world. It is actually a very interesting way of getting a vigorous workout, burning calories and keeping muscles toned. Basically, a spinning exercise is a group exercise, where people work together, on adjustableexercise bikes. A typical spinning workout lasts anywhere from 30 to 75 minutes. It is carried under the supervision of a trainer, in a big hall, where 20-25 cycles are lined in a serial manner. The lights are dimmed, music is played and the trainer supervises people over mike. The paddles are at times tightened and at times loosened, to make the person get a feel of climbing out of the saddle or coming down from the hill as well.
Know Spinning Exercises
Spinning exercises are fun way to stay in shape and feel great, if you love group workouts and have a high tolerance for exercise bikes. If you like wild rides on your bicycles, you will certainly feel that you had a really good workout. It is good for everybody - a new mom trying to get back in her pre-pregnancy shape, a grandmother devoted to her fitness regime or a style diva burning off every single inch of extra flab. The exercise can be customized to suit all fitness levels and can also be a part of your regular exercise regime. With time, the spinning exercises are becoming a regular phenomenon at the fitness clubs.
Spinning is also called ‘Power Pacing’. The exercise bikes used in the exercise are specially designed stationary bikes, which feature a weighted flywheel, a front wheel, plus adjustable seats and handlebars. Spin-type bikes are also available. They are equipped with a gear knob that allows you to adjust the intensity of your exercise.  A spinning exercise can be a great idea for you if you feel lethargic doing exercise alone and need some motivation to carry on the workout. This type of exercise has its own pros and cons. Let us explore more about them
Spinning is an aerobic exercise. It means that it will increase your heart rate. The health benefits related with this exercise include a decreased risk of heart disease, reduced blood pressure and a controlled weight loss. You can expect to burn as much as 500 calories in 60 minutes. This also helps you strengthen and tone your legs, specifically your quadriceps and outer thigh muscles. The exercise improves your posture and also lowers the risk of injury, by increasing the flexibility of your muscles. Apart from physical health, spinning workouts are also beneficial for your mental health, as you secrete endorphins while spinning and it helps you get a natural high and also relieves your stress.
Though there are no ill-effects of this exercise, there is surely one limitation on its regular practice. In spinning exercise, monotony tends to creep in after sometime. Once you are bored from the regime, you will really need to push yourself hard to achieve desired results. Also, if you depend solely on this exercise, you will miss out on several other interesting exercises, which can be done without spinning the wheels. If you are a lone exerciser and you love working out in solitude, spinning workouts are not for you.

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