To help the body eliminate all the harmful toxins due to alcohol abuse, detox at home is a good option. Read the article below to know more on alcohol detox at home.

Alcohol Detox At Home

Do you find it hard to kick the bottle? Are you one of those who likes to have a tipple too many, and can’t let a day go by without taking a swig at the bottle? Perhaps then it would be a life savior to know how to detox yourself from the effects of alcohol, at home.  Constant abuse of alcohol results in the accumulation of toxins in the body, and so detoxification programs are the best to heal the body as well as drive you farther away from your cravings. For severe alcoholics the only way is rehabilitation, but for those who have just slipped onto this addiction can very well try this at home. One advantage of starting a detox program at home is that it won’t run you a bill the length of a measuring tape. A rehabilitation center, after curing you will promptly send you back to seek solace in the bottle with the bill they charge. That is why many people don’t go to a rehab until their addiction becomes too severe. At home you have the option of various herbs to help curb your alcoholism. The only thing that you require in this is a strong determination to get rid of this addiction, which you can only do so by cleansing the body of toxins. Once you have successfully purified the body, you will be in a better state to fight the addiction. Read below to know more on how you can go about it.

Home Remedies For Alcohol Detoxification
  • Drink plenty of water and any other clear fluids throughout the day. These liquids are very effective in eliminating the toxins from the body.
  • Take hot bath as it helps you to relax and distress both your mind and your body.
  • Excessive sweating is a symptom of alcohol withdrawal. When excessive sweating occurs the potassium content of the body gets depleted. So, it is better to increase the intake of potassium rich foods like green leafy vegetables, bananas, melons and citrus fruits, to replenish the body with potassium.
  • Since excessive intake of alcohol ruins the digestive apparatus, it is better to remove fatty foods from the diet till the digestion gets better.
  • Drink plenty of cranberry juice throughout the day. This juice is very effective in cleansing the body of toxins and purifying the blood. Cranberry juice is also used in detox programs throughout the world.
  • Cut down or completely stop the intake of caffeine. This will facilitate the return of your normal sleep pattern, and work towards reducing the body shakes.
  • To sleep better take a glass of warm milk before going to bed. You can also take herbal teas to get rid of insomnia.
  • Develop a regular exercise routine. Sweating out with exercise is the best way to counter the alcohol cravings and other withdrawal symptoms. Exercise will also help you to get over your negative emotions and help the recovery process of the body.
  • To heal the affects of alcohol abuse like enlarged spleen and liver you can take acorn or its homeopathic version Ouercus glandis. This also reduces the craving for alcohol.
  • Another herb that is a very good detoxification agent is angelica. It not only reduces the cravings but also makes alcohol taste disgusting. In addition it also reduces gas and bloating and also heals the spleen.
  • Morning vomiting and gnawing of the stomach can be prevented with the intake of cayenne. It is also very effective against intense alcohol cravings. Alcohol related withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, irritability and tremors can be countered with cayenne. It also improves the appetite.
  • Hops acts as a sedative and so provides relief against anxiety. It also counters restlessness and insomnia.
  • Other effects of alcohol like hangover, thirst and loss of appetite can be countered with kudzu (Pueraria lobata). It also reduces the craving for alcohol. This herb has been traditionally used in China to treat the various side effects of alcohol.

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