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Ideal Amount Of Alcohol To Drink

Imagine a guy’s party without dancing and boozing. I know your next statement will be something like ‘Are you Kidding’. Yes, guys and dry parties go not gel well. Infact, for them, having a drink seems to be the best way to warm up for the party. However, the trouble starts when someone or the other ends up having more drinks that he can digest. Then, fighting, puking and rowdy behavior is the obvious outcome. The scenario becomes more embarrassing when there are girls around.
Isn’t it better to drink one or two glasses less, rather than make a fool out of yourself. However, the problem is that most of the guys do not know the ideal amount of alcohol that they should drink at a party. Infact, this is often the reason why they exceed their limits. To help such people, we have provided a number of tips that will help them know what is considered & acceptable amount of alcohol to be drunk at a party. Just follow these tips and we are sure you will never ever be embarrassed in your life again, especially because of over drinking.
Acceptable Amount of Alcohol
  • The amount of alcohol that a person can safely consume, without any possibility if getting drunk, depends on his age, gender and overall medical history. So, it is always better to consult a doctor. 
  • One drink comprises of a peg of 30/60 ml in case of hard liquor like whisky, vodka, rum, etc and one glass in case of drinks like wine, champagne, beer, etc
  • Usually, two drinks for men and one drink for women, a day, is considered as the ideal amount of alcohol, which has the remotest possibility of causing any harm.
  •  A man should not have more than four drinks in a day, while women should strictly adhere to the maximum limit of three drinks in a day. You go beyond this and you are inviting trouble for yourself. 
  • Those who have crossed the threshold of forty years should limit themselves to not more than three drinks in a day, at any cost. Going beyond this means putting stress on the heart.
  • Do not have a cocktail of different types of liquor. If you having whisky at a party, stick to whisky. Alternating between two or three different drinks, say whisky and beer or beer and vodka, is a big no-no.

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