All those who have wanted to stop smoking but never knew how to quit the habit can make use of this article, in which we have provided a number of ways that will help you to leave cigarettes.

Ways To Quit Smoking

Smoking - a habit that people find almost impossible to quit, knowing fully well that it is harmful for them! Infact, even non-smokers recognize the fact that quitting the habit of smoking is very difficult. Not just strong will power, you must have the notion of quitting it completely embedded in your mind. The main reason why people find it difficult to quite smoking is that they face withdrawal symptoms the moment they kick the habit. Mood swings, irritability, anxiety, lack of concentration and cravings form a part of these symptoms. However, it is absolutely possible to quite smoking. All those who have till now wondered, how to stop smoking, can make use of below-mentioned ways of kicking the cigarette butt.
Deep Breathing
The moment you start craving for a cigarette, start taking deep breaths. Inhale deeply and slowly, exhale the air through pursed lips. While exhaling, try to visualize all the tension leaving your body and flowing out. It is a variation of a yoga technique and will help you, not only in conquering the craving, but also in tackling various stressful situations calmly.
Stay Away from Smokers
During the first few days that immediately follow your quitting resolve, try to stay away from smokers. Make an excuse and leave as soon as possible. This is because the first few days matter the most and it is better to stay away from temptations. You will find it easier to resist the enticements after the first few days of quitting have passed.
Drink Fluids
During the initial days, drink as much water as you can. It will help flush out the nicotine and other toxic substances from your body.  
Avoid Alcohol, Sugar and Coffee
In the first week you go without smoking, try to stay away from alcohol, sugar and coffee also. This is because all the three have been found to arouse the desire for nicotine.
Whenever you feel the urge to smoke a cigarette, pop a cinnamon stick or a chewing gum into your mouth. You can also nibble on low calorie foods like celery, fruits, etc. If you are used to having a smoke after meals, try replacing it with other things like a cup of mint tea or a peppermint candy.
Most of the people take to smoking as a stress buster. So, next time you are under a lot of pressure, try your hand at exercising. Hit the gym or go for a jog. It will not only help you avoid having a puff, but also reward you with a healthier body.
Get Support
While quitting the habit of smoking, you might suffer from withdrawal symptoms like irritability, short temper, etc. It is advisable to tell your family members, friends and colleagues that you are going to quit smoking and might become prone to things like mood swings. If they are sensible enough, they will definitely help you in kicking the butt.
Destroy Your Cigarettes
The day you decide to quit smoking, destroy all your cigarettes and even throw away your lighter and ashtray. Remove any and every thing that might remind you of cigarettes.
Face It
Never ever try to pretend that you didn’t enjoy smoking. Face the fact that it was enjoyable and this is precisely the reason why you took it in the first place. At the same time, remember the harm it has caused as well as the hazards it is possible of causing in the future.
Never Ever Smoke Again
Even if it has been months since you have quit smoking, do not smoke again - not even a single cigarette. Times will come when you will feel like smoking and you will even think that what is the harm in a single smoke, but you have to keep up with the promise you made to yourself. Even a single cigarette can take you right back from where you started.

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