If you have decided that you will quit smoking marijuana, you could not have been wiser. To do this however, you need to be psychologically strong. Read on to know how to stop smoking weed.

How To Stop Smoking Weed

Weed or marijuana may be a soft drug unlike cocaine, heroin and several others, but can be addictive and eventually destructive. What started in the ‘lets try’ mode can very soon become an integral part of your living,and can make a mess of your life. However, unlike cocaine or heroin, this drug is not chemically addictive and you will not experience any physical craving, if you do not take it for a while, like it happens in case of other chemically charged drugs. Also, weed does not even affect the receptors in your brain like the hard drugs do. As such, it can be safely said that addiction to smoking pot is psychological and hence can be easily overcome with strong willpower. Although this might sound easy, it is actually not so. Since smoking weed becomes a part of the daily living and a habit which is deeply running into you, quitting it completely can be accompanied by bouts of anxiety and depression. However, the adverse effect of marijuana in itself is good enough reason to quit smoking marijuana. When you finally make the decision to stop smoking weed, here are few simple tips to help you make the process of quitting a success.
Tips To Quit Smoking Weed
  • The most commonly suggested trick to quit smoking weed is to replace this addiction by indulging into something creative and fulfilling. Try doing something which makes you extremely happy. This would act as a viable option to fall back on and keep you distracted once you quit smoking weed completely.
  • They say, a company makes or mars you. Maybe it was not your will when you actually got into the process of smoking marijuana. Peer pressure or bad company was the main reason which compelled you. But now that you have realized that you were treading on the wrong path and that you need to mend your ways, the first step would be to quit the group. This would mean avoiding the people and the circumstances that provoked you to take marijuana. This would, eventually, help in avoiding marijuana.
  • Keep a handful of a variety of chewing herbal substitutes along with you so that whenever you desire to smoke weed, you can pop in few of those substitutes and keep yourself distracted.
  • When you take the decision to stop smoking weed, set a quit date for yourself. Once you do that, you are actually physically and mentally preparing yourself to stop smoking. However, this should be an actual concrete quit date and you need to stick to it.
  • It is very essential to get rid of all the accumulated stocks to help you stop smoking weed. If you have supplies of marijuana stocked at your place, give them away or throw them. No supplies would mean no smoking.
  • Since smoking weed is more of a psychological habit, constant support of family and friends is essential if you really wish to quit. They will always keep a check on you as well remind you of the adverse effects of marijuana.
  • Nothing else can work better in this case than your own strong will. Keep strengthening your inner self by reminding it that weed is injurious to health in the long term and you can easily quit smoking weed if you want to do so from within. Keep murmuring positive affirmations such as “Yes, I can do it” in your mind. 

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