Looking forward to kick the butt? Stream through these benefits of not smoking and give yourself ten good reasons to stub the cig. To know more on the advantages of not smoking, read on.

Benefits Of Not Smoking

Addicted to nicotine? Just kick the butt and say ‘No’ to smoke to enjoy great health and a better life! Doing so won’t just leave you with a smoke-free life, but will also save you from throwing in tons of cash behind your medical bills later. Now if you are one of those die-hard smokers who finds more life in a cigarette than in life itself, just remember that smoking only kills. If you have tried to kick the butt before but have failed miserably in your attempt to hold on to your temptation, just know that “it's never too late—in fiction or in life—to revise."  Fortunately, there is more than one way to stub the butt; the catch is you must choose smartly to become smoke-free.  Agreed, that smoking is one of the most difficult habits to break. Nevertheless, resisting it can be huge fun only if you know how it can benefit you. Apart from you saving a lot of money, it would enhance your taste buds, refine your olfactory senses and save you from the morbid stench. If these reasons don’t sound good enough to your ears, then running down the following benefits of not smoking should surely leave you with high on a brand new resolution.
Quit Smoking Benefits 
  • Smoking is a hard habit to boot and not everyone can do it easily. However, if you think that cutting down on your cig is better than blowing up a pack a day; know that doing so still puts you at the risk of developing heart disease and cancer, sooner or later. Smoking not only tars your lungs and smuts your arteries, but is highly carcinogenic and can trigger a gamut of cardiac risks including coronary artery disease and high blood pressure. So if you do not wish to turn your heart into a smoky chimney or blow away your savings nursing your sullen heart, kick the cig right away!
  • Do you always smell like an oven on fire? Do people twitch and turn their nose every time you enter a room? Smokers stink and it does not really take acute olfactory sense to know that! Their clothes and their mouths give out an unbearable stench that often makes them a butt of ridicule. So if you wish to save yourself from this stinking embarrassment, dump the stub.
  • Want better sex? Quit smoking! Going high on smoke can toss off your sexual wellbeing out of the window. Smoking not only increases the risk of impotency, but is also deemed as one of the primary causes behind erectile dysfunction and lower levels of testosterone in men. What more, smoking triggers decreased estrogen production in women and also causes difficulty in orgasm. Snubbing the cig won’t just leave you with a great sex life, but also high on energy and fun.
  • Doesn’t matter how cute a grin you possess, a mouth full of yellow, nicotine stained unattractive chompers can just duck your appeal and can be a huge turnoff. If you are one of those guys who take great pride on flaunting your pearly whites, quitting the fag can save you from this whole banana-yellow ordeal!
  • Smoking can leave you on a high, but send your appetite for a toss. The bitter taste of nicotine can override over your gustatory and olfactory senses, dulling your sense of taste. Doesn’t matter if you are a foodie or not, kicking the butt will only leave you with bon appetite!

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