Read on to learn more on mosquito bite allergy and work towards stopping the possible health problems arising from it.

Mosquito Bite Allergy

It might sound strange, but it is a proven fact that mosquito bites at times can cause allergic reactions to the immune system of the body. Mosquitoes are part and parcel of almost every household, and mosquito bites are quite common. Though, mostly mosquito bites itch and cause inflammation, they can also cause allergic reactions in many people. This is especially true with people who have sensitive skin. It is also true that it is difficult to diagnose an allergic reaction caused due to a mosquito bite. The repercussions of the allergy due to a mosquito bite are not as severe as it would have been in case of any other allergy, making the condition to go unnoticed for days and at times even for weeks. This article deals with allergic reactions to mosquito bites and provides you with all the information pertaining to the allergy, it’s causes, symptoms, treatments and preventive steps to be taken to avoid mosquito bites. 

Causes, symptoms And Treatment Of Mosquito Bite Allergy

Your body gets an allergic reaction after a mosquito bite because of the injection of a small dose of mosquito saliva. The female mosquito before sucking the blood from your body, injects her saliva under your skin that consists of a kind of protein that helps in continuous blood flow. It is this saliva with special protein in it that can trigger an immune system reaction.


  • One of the most common of all symptoms is itchy red skin. An allergic bite looks quite normal and harmless because of which the allergy goes unnoticed.
  • One odd thing about a bite causing allergy is that the swelling does not go away easily. In fact it can last for days or even weeks. The swelling will also be larger than the usual, and can turn into blisters in time.
  • It is more likely for small kids and children to have mosquito bite allergies than adults. It is so because with age people develop immunity to mosquito saliva. Therefore, a mosquito bite on a child’s skin should be taken seriously.
  • If it is after a long time that you are being bitten by a mosquito, you are more likely to suffer from allergic reactions.


  • It is advisable to start treatment for the allergy as soon as you are aware of it. Clean the area with an antiseptic soap and warm water, and then dry it with a clean and soft cloth. Make sure that you avoid scratching the area, because it might prolong the effect of the allergy.
  • Aloe vera gel is a natural remedy for providing relief from the allergic reaction. If you don’t have aloe vera, you can get immediate relief by rubbing ice on the affected area.
  • You can also use certain creams or lotions containing antiseptic properties in them. These medicines can prove to be effective against such allergic reactions. If these creams are not providing any relief, then any anti-inflammatory ointment will also work towards reducing the swelling.
Preventive Steps
  • Stay away from open drains and grassy areas especially in the evenings. These places are breeding areas for mosquitoes.
  • Make sure that you apply mosquito repellent all over your body while going out.
  • Treat and remove standing water in ponds or swimming pools with chlorine. If the water and the surrounding areas are clean, there will be lesser mosquitoes.
  • Using citronella candles will also help you keep away mosquitoes.
  • Some of the natural and organic items that can help keep mosquitoes away are lavender, catnip, eucalyptus, penny-royal, tansy, basi, thyme, cedar, tea tree, peppermint, lemon-grass etc.

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