Salty Taste in Mouth is a common problem and can be avoided easily. Find out reasons, causes and remedies for saltiness in mouth.

Salty Taste In Mouth

Saltiness in mouth is one of the most common and ignored phenomenon in the world. Though it is not that big a problem, it can be annoying; if ignored. The condition involves constant salty taste in mouth. People suffering from the problem overlook it, as they do not know the reasons and causes for its occurrence. However, it should be noted that salty taste in mouth is not associated with the nose; as it is in most cases. The problem originates solely in mouth and therefore, should be tackled accordingly. First and foremost, it is very necessary to understand the causes of the problem. So, check out the list of reasons given below for that saltiness in your mouth.
Causes for Saltiness
  • Dehydration is often considered one of the most common reasons for the occurrence of saltiness in the mouth. Dehydration is caused as a result of inadequate intake of water, parching the body. Apart from this, dehydration can be caused by excessive ingestion of alcohol. Also, it may be due to high-dose of anti-thyroid drugs and chemotherapy medicines, leading to dehydration and saltiness in mouth.
  • Salivary gland diseases can also be cited as one of the major reasons behind salty taste in mouth. Therefore, those who suffer from salivary gland diseases like Sjogren’s syndrome or bacterial infection are more prone to saltiness.
  • At times tear ducts are also responsible for salty taste. This is because the tears, which drain into the nasal cavity, run down via back of the throat, causing saltiness in mouth.
  • Nutritional deficiency is also one of the probable reasons for the condition. In rare cases, nutritional deficiency, endocrine disorder or even neurological problems, can lead to saltiness.
  • A sinus infection can also lead to salty taste in mouth.
  • Other unconventional reasons for the problem include epilepsy, migraine and brain tumor
Home Remedies for Salty Taste in Mouth
In case the problem aggravates and persists for a considerable period of time, it is advised to see a doctor. Though most of the times, the problem has a medical explanation, yet it cannot be ascertained every time. Doctors have termed such kind of a phenomenon as ‘phantom taste’. However, to get rid of the uneasiness caused by the problem at the nascent stage, you can try some of the home remedies given below.
  • If you are taking some medicated drugs, change the drug use, as it might help.
  • If you are suffering from a bacterial infection, then consult a dentist, as the saltiness will fade away as soon as the infection heals.
  • Increase the fluid intake of your body.
  • Cleaning the mouth with plain water will help you to reduce the problem to certain extent.

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