Infrared sauna is the latest innovation to boost your energy levels and get the desired waist line. Go through the article, to know how infrared saunas work.

How Infrared Saunas Work

Have you ever experienced perspiration even in cold and pleasant surroundings because of some physical exertion? This is exactly how an infrared sauna will make you feel. Infrared sauna is a recent innovation that has faded away the traditional idea of steam bath saunas. An infrared sauna is a wooden room or a compartment with many infrared heaters generating infrared rays. It is one of the best methods of detoxification that is gaining immense popularity, because of its harmless purification of the body. These infrared rays heat up only the body of a person and not the air around, thus making a person perspire more, resulting in more extraction of toxins and impurities. The basic idea behind this innovation is to let the rays penetrate through the body and melt down the fat cells to release out all the toxins and other harmful elements in the form of sweat and feces. The method regenerates the energy levels in the body, by filtering out all the impurities. An infrared sauna is one of the best and the quickest way of detoxifying the body sans any side effects. Read on to know the working of an infrared sauna.
Working Of An Infrared Sauna
  • Infrared saunas are different from the traditional saunas. There are specialized heaters that produce infrared rays, instead of steam as in the traditional saunas. Infrared light transmitted by the sauna is the wavelength of light naturally emitted by the sun. The infrared sauna produces the same infrared energy as generated by the sun, which proves to be more beneficial in the healing process of the body.
  • The infrared sauna makes use of ceramic heaters that produce electromagnetic energy. The temperature in the modern sauna ranges from 110 to 130 degrees F, which is way less than the temperature generated in the traditional sauna. This feature allows people to stay inside the sauna for a longer time and assists in perspiration. The best part of the modern infrared sauna is that it only heats the body and not the air. The radiation penetrates into the skin, allowing the body to get rid of more toxins than in a conventional steam sauna.
  • The rays, generated in the sauna, are absorbed by the tissues of our body, with the water in our cells reacting in a resonating absorption process. The entire process is complete when the infrared rays generated inside the sauna match the frequency of the water in the cells. When the frequency is similar, the rays get absorbed directly into the body, causing all the toxins from the cells to lose out into the blood stream and imbue out in the form of sweat, feces and urine.
  • It is believed that for the body tissues to work together towards full healing response, a boost of energy is required. This boost in energy is provided well by the infrared rays in the modern sauna. The infrared rays claims to penetrate the body’s tissue to a depth of 40mm, a deep enough impact by the infrared rays for the heating to have effect on the muscular tissues and the internal organs.
  • It is this ‘deep heating’ impact that is said to be responsible for the outstanding healing effects and other health benefits provided by the modern infrared sauna. This deep heating effect on the tissues forces the fat cells to loosen up and release toxins, bacteria, metals and other harmful elements, when a person perspires inside the sauna.

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