The growth of teeth known as teething occurs around six to nine months of age. Explore the article below to learn more on baby teething remedies.

Baby Teething Remedies

The growth of teeth in babies is a moment of joy that is eagerly awaited by all parents. The simile of a baby as it transforms from a toothless grin to that of a display of pearly whites is a sight to behold. But this transformation doesn’t come easy. And in this parents also suffer along with their baby during the teething period. Babies express the pain they are undergoing by crying constantly, erratic behavior and getting cankerous. They also tend to chew on anything that they can find to get rid of the irritation that accompanies the growth of teeth. As such parents have an enormous responsibility at this stage in the baby’s life to relieve them of their pain and also to avoid the baby getting stressed out. For this home remedies are especially effective as teething is not much of a serious concern. To help you in this read below to learn more on the various home remedies that are available which you can adopt to tide over the baby teething.
Home Remedies For Baby Teething
  • Teething results in extreme pain and irritation. To provide relief to the baby you can massage the gums with your finger applying gentle pressure to counter the tooth pressure. Massaging will also prevent the gums from getting swollen.
  • Give the baby a pacifier to chew on. This will also have a massaging effect on the gums and will provide relief to the baby.
  • Another remedy is to let the baby suck on a cold and wet washcloth. Make sure that the washcloth is not rough. Since teething results in excessive drooling, using the washcloth will prove very effective in soaking up the excess drool.
  • If the baby cries too much because of the teething then it may be because of the excessive pain. Then you will have to use pain gels. Pain gels numb the sensation in the gums and mouth for a short time and so it can relieve the pain. However, this must be used only during the day time.
  • There are specialized feeding spoons that can provide relief against teething. Dip the feeding spoons in cold water and then move them against the baby’s gums.
  • Since babies suckle less during teething you can feed them mashed foods. The mashed foods will also have a soothing effect on the gums.
  • Another excellent option is to use teething rings. During teething babies tend to put everything into their mouth. So, it is better to provide them teething rings to suckle on. The rings are especially good in massaging the gums. Chilling the teething rings also soothes the gums.
  • A very effective remedy for teething pain is to mix one drop of clove oil with two tablespoons of safflower oil, and using it massage the baby’s gum with the finger. This will relieve the soreness of the gums.
  • Giving frozen soft fruits and vegetables to the baby to chew on is another good option. Make sure that you don’t slice the fruits and vegetables into small pieces as the baby can swallow them.
  • Take a wet clean cloth and wrap some baby food into it. Then give it to the baby to suckle on.
  • Crush a few ice cubes and then wrap them in a wash cloth. Then let the baby chew on it. The ice will numb the gums and so provide relief against the pain.

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