Though unscientific & baseless, lots of couples adhere to varied home methods for determining the sex of their unborn baby. Read about some common home baby sex determination methods.

Home Methods For Finding Sex Of Baby

While ultrasound and CVS diagnostic test are legal, scientific techniques most people seek for determining the sex of a growing fetus (baby), many couples also adhere to a number of home methods for the same. But where the scientific techniques promise some degree of reliability, it should be noted that most home methods for determining sex of unborn baby are considered myths by the medical world and are therefore, unreliable.   
Common Home Methods for Determining Sex of Baby (Is it a Boy or a Girl)
Home Blood Tests
There is home blood tests people use for determining the sex of the growing fetus (baby). The manufacturers whose brain-child these home blood tests propose that this method is as reliable as ultrasounds for gender prediction. Many even proffer a reimbursement on home blood test price incase the newborn turns out to be different from what this gender prediction test suggested. However, one needs to be extra cautious when opting to try out this home test as they have turned out to be false in many previous cases.
Baby’s Sex Determination by Wedding Ring
This is another very unscientific, but fun method for determining the sex of an unborn / soon-to-be-born baby. In this method, you dangle a wedding ring infornt of the pregnant women stomach. The newborn will be a girl incase the ring swirls around in a circular motion or a boy if it swings to any of the either side of the mother’s tummy.
The Diet Method
This theory says that if a lady, who’s trying to conceive eats lots of calcium and magnesium-rich foods like dairy, spinach and whole-meal bread, then she is more liable to having a girl. And this belief is based on the assumption that the four mineral salts in body - calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium - can influence how the egg is fertilized. Contrarily if a boy is desired, then sodium and potassium-rich foods like meat, sausages, rice, pasta, beans, etc. are the chief minerals. But food high in salt is definitely not advised.
Natural Ways

There are two kinds of sperms – the male one that embodies Y chromosome and the female one having X chromosome. The male sperm are known to be fast, but weak, whereas the female one is slower but more pliant. As such, this method is based on the timing and perceiving when you are ovulating. To enhance possibility of conceiving girl child, you need to have sex two to three days prior ovulation because female sperms are more existing power. To better chances of having boy, have sex as near ovulation as possible.

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