Given below are steps for finding the position of baby in the womb. To know how to find the position of baby in the womb, read on.

How To Find The Position Of Baby In The Womb

During pregnancy, the baby grows within the womb of the mother for nine months. After a certain period of time, the baby gains enough momentum to move around in the uterus of the mother. This determines the position of the baby at the time of delivery. The ideal position for delivery is the vertex position, wherein the baby is facing downwards. Though most of the times, the baby locates himself in such a manner, there are chances that may lead to complications. So, to ensure a normal delivery one must know how to find the position of the baby, which is usually decided in accordance with mother’s pelvis.
Finding the Position of Baby in the Womb
Longitudinal Baby
The position of the baby is known as longitudinal, when it is located such that it is straight up and down from your pelvis. This can include both breech and vertex positions, which means that the baby could be facing up or down. This position is generally easily felt by the mothers once they receive proper guidance from their care provider.
Oblique Baby
The baby can also be positioned obliquely in your womb. Usually an oblique baby is located at an angle in the uterus. In this position, the head of the baby will be tilted more towards one side of your pelvis. Moreover, it is seen that the shoulder of the baby points towards the birth canal. On an average, babies in an oblique position turn to some other positions at the time of delivery.
Transverse Baby
The third and final position of the baby is transverse position. In a transverse position the baby rests completely side-to-side over your pelvis. This means that the baby is in a horizontal position rather than vertical. It is not possible to deliver a transverse baby naturally. However, efforts can be made to turn the baby at the time of delivery for a natural one.

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