Check out some easy home remedies for swimmer's ear.

Swimmer’s Ear Home Remedies

Swimming is often touted as the best form of exercise one can engage in. It tones up every part of the body – the arms, the tummy, the thighs, the hips, and the calf muscles – in short, the whole body. Also, there is no exercise as refreshing as swimming. However, the problem occurs when excess water enters our ears, stays there for a few hours, and begins to cause pain. This phenomenon is known as swimmer’s ear and it occurs because the wetness and excess water in the ears has provided a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria, which have caused the pain and inflammation. Now, there are ways to get rid of this condition, many of which are so simple that they can be tried at home. Below are some easy home remedies for treating swimmer’s ears.
Easy Home Remedies For Swimmer’s Ear
Here are some ways in which swimmer’s ear can be treated at home:
Blow Dry 
This is perhaps the easiest and most surefire method, but also a little time consuming and may demand patience as well as caution. It involves blow-drying the excess water out of your ear with the blow dry machine. However, make sure to turn the machine to low heat and also to hold it about twelve to eighteen inches away from your ear. You must hold it for about five to ten minutes in the same position.
Garlic Oil 
Garlic oil is available on all major home supply stores. It not only facilitates healing, it will also help to boost immunity against any further problems. It is especially helpful when you begin to experience pain due to inflammation in your ear. Pour a few drops of garlic oil into an ear bud and apply it inside the ear cavity. You could also use an ink dropper to put a few drops of it directly into your ear, especially if the pain is too much.
Hot Compress 
Hot compress can heal any kind of pain caused by inflammation. Dip a soft towel in warm to hot water and hold it against a painful or inflamed ear. This may not be effective in removing the water from the ear but it will certainly give you relief from the pain and inflammation for quite some time. 

Baby Oil
One of the most well known and widely accepted ways to treat a swimmer’s ear, which acts both as a prevention and a cure, is baby oil. You may use a dropper or an ear bud, just like when using any other oil to apply it before and after you come back from swimming to prevent water from accumulating.
Olive Oil 
Another age-old remedy that has proven effective time and again is to use a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and to keep the ears covered for a few hours.
Alcohol And White Vinegar 
Since a wet ear can be a breeding ground for bacteria and all kinds of other viruses and parasites, it is best not only to dry the ear cavity but also clean out or kill any bacteria that may be lurking or breeding inside the ear. Dip an ear bud into a mixture of one part rubbing alcohol and one part white vinegar and rinse your ears with it. Alcohol will dry out all the water and the vinegar will kill any bacteria that may be breeding inside the ear cavity.
Some Tips 
  • Remember to dry your ears every time after you come back from a swim. This will prevent water from accumulating.
  • Use earplugs while swimming so as to prevent any excess water from entering into your ear cavity.
  • Hairsprays, shampoos, hair dyes and all other such chemical irritants could also trigger this kind of an infection, so prevent such chemicals from entering your ear.

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