Do you yearn for those biceps and triceps, but are put-off by the idea of using heavyweights to boost your frame? If so, here are some easy ways to help you gain muscle without using weights.

How To Gain Muscle With No Weights

Do you wish to pad out, but not at the cost of lifting heavy weights? Most men easily give up on their temptation to bulk up, either because they are uncomfortable with weights or just don’t have time and money to apply for a gym membership. Well, bodybuilding is an art and it does not always take cumbersome efforts to pile up muscles. Sometimes, a healthy lifestyle, accompanied by the right kind of physical training, can leave you with a great body that can make your mates go green with envy and get all the women drooling over you. Agreed, weights and machines are the fastest and possibly the easiest way to build a body. However, one doesn’t always need to fall back on these clichéd techniques to get a great body. Technically, your body is blessed with mass and it only needs a healthy boost to pep it up. A good diet, enough sleep and a little supplement is enough to get you those sinewy bulges at the right place. To know more on how to gain muscles without weights, read on.
Ways To Build Muscles Without Weights
  • It is important to eat not just well, but eat voraciously if you wish to flaunt a sinewy self, without burdening yourself with weights. However, that doesn’t mean that you go lavish with your food habits or stuff your tummy with junk foods. The cue is to gorge on high protein diet, without compromising on the quantity. If you have little idea on how much to eat, just double up your calorie count and feel the bulging difference.
  • If you are trying to add more muscle to your frame, staying away from the treadmill would help. Cardiovascular exercises tend to burn both fat and muscles, which makes the body grow lean. If you are into cardio exercises, cutting down on your time by half would help you build muscles, without compromising on your fitness.
  • Stretching has more benefits than one can possibly imagine. So, if you are planning to put on some muscles, stretching out your tendons would help them bulge out better. Stretching is recommended both before and after workouts to avoid injuries and sprains and relax muscles too. Stretching is also known to add up to body flexibility and keep the muscles agile and fit.
  • Many people make the mistake of working out only on specific muscles that they wish to build and not on others. Do not do that. This will build those muscles, but will not make the overall frame look balanced, giving your body a bulky look. No one likes a bulky body, right? So, keep your daily work out balanced. Focus on a full body work out rather than isolated muscle building. This would be the best way to gain muscle.
  • If you are eyeing to pack in some extra muscles sans weight exercise, going for supplements would make a huge difference. Often normal diet fails to fill up for that extra nutrition. In that case, you can add up supplements to enhance nutrition quotient in your diet. You can resort to whey protein or other body building supplements to get quick results. However, taking supplements won’t be just enough. You will need to work out simultaneously for the supplements to show right results.
  • Body building is never an easy bet and it needs real motivation and dedication to achieve results. It is important to replenish your body with a healthy diet that is high on nutrition. Remember to include loads of fruits into your diet. Bananas are possibly the best bet in this case. Bananas will not only boost your stamina and pep up your energy levels, but will also add glow to your skin. It is important to cut down on alcohol and smoking, if you wish to have long-term results. Addiction of intoxication will only impede with your stamina.
  • Did you know that you could build muscle in the bed as well? Body packs in more muscles when it rests. Thus, a good night sleep is crucial to muscle building. Just catch up with your eight hours of sleep and watch those muscles popping out.

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