Holidays brings extra weight, literally! Explore this article to know how to avoid holiday weight gain.

How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

“A moment on the lips; forever on the hips” this idiom fits well on all people who are in the habit of gaining holiday weights. It is true when the holiday comes around the corner, the size of our waist shoots up mainly because we give ourselves to overindulgence. The holiday season not only gives us a necessary break from monotonous daily life, but is also a time for re-bonding with friends and families. In addition, when we are too happy, who cares about the extra calories, which we collect in our body after indulging into massive amount of scrumptious meals? After all holiday is the season for overindulgence. You may like the frenzy of the festive season but overindulgence may result into the extra weight gain, losing which can be tricky and may even spoil the whole excitement of the holidays. In order to enjoy the holidays to the fullest you need to take care that you don’t gain any extra kilos. Read on to know how to avoid holiday weight gain.
Tips For Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain 
  • If you have the tendency to put on weight easily then plan beforehand only. During the holidays too, get up early and go for long walks. If you have, home-gym then spend some time in there. Eat healthy and see yourself fit and fine even during holidays.
  • It is the time when we generally give ourselves to binging. Make sure this holiday you make “portion control” your mantra. It is okay to give into occasional temptation. However, you shouldn’t overindulge yourself. Take small portion and stop eating when you are full.
  • It is true that we get many invitations for parties and there are occasions when we are forced to eat more. The best way to curb your cravings is to eat fruits before you go for parties. You will be full for longer and won’t be able to overstuff yourself with unhealthy food.
  • When the holiday season comes, shopping becomes the lifestyle. So if you have to shop a lot, walk to the nearest supermarket instead of driving. This will not only keep you fit but also save the gas bills.
  • If holidays give you an excuse to drown in alcohol, then no wonder you carry an extra baggage of weight after holidays get over. Limit your alcohol consumption to maximum of two pegs. And drink loads of water before and between each peg.
  • Have a good night sleep during the holiday seasons too. It just means that lack of sleep may make you cranky and you may take out your frustration by eating more.
  • Never decide on dieting in the holiday seasons. When you are starving, it is very difficult to maintain diet and you may even give in to overindulgence.
  • If you are into cooking during holidays, you may be the one tasting all the food and it may be piling up on your waist. So if you cook, make somebody else the taster.
  • When you are at a party, instead of taking a chair, walk around and mingle with people. It would also be a good exercise and you would come out as an extrovert too.
  • Don’t stand near the buffet stand or where the food stall is kept. When you stand near it, you are most likely to succumb to indulgence. Keep away from the food stall as much as you can.
  • Whether you are in a party or even at home, keep yourself occupied. When you are busy, you forget about food and thus help yourself keep fit. You can keep yourself occupied by either involving in chatting or by offering to do some work.
  • Remember to say no to people who try to get you to gorge. It may be done in good faith but it is not good for you. Say a gentle and firm “no” to any such offers.
  • It is also important to not to skip meals. When you skip meals you generally give in to unhealthy snacking, which makes you, put on weight. So eat in moderate amount but don’t skip any meals.
  • Don’t be in a rush to finish everything on your plate. Eat slowly and chew everything. Not only it will fill you better it will also help you enjoy your meal better.

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