Are you worried that you may gain weight during the vacation that you lost after all that hard work? Here’s how to stay in shape even during holidays.

Holiday Weight Loss Tips

The ways of the world are surely strange, if not unfair. All the time you lead a disciplined life – getting up early for a workout, doing things on time and the whole ensemble – you long for a vacation and for an opportunity to get away from all this. The moment you are able to get the vacation, though you may be away from work, you are never away from stress. The reason for stress changes – from being able to get away from the routine, now you long to get back to the routine. The reason for it is simple too – you know that during holidays your normal workout routine will be affected and you will end up gaining a considerable number of tires (read rounds of fat around the waist). You must realize, however, that you took the vacation to get away from the stress, not to choose one stress for the other. So if you are worried about losing the workout routine during holidays, make sure not to lose it. Did you say easier said than done? Then here are some tips you can follow to keep up the weight loss trend during holidays.
How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Many people in India too have started substituting water with soda or other drinks, which are high in calories. Even diet sodas are unhealthy as compared to water. As was taught to us in school, we need more than eight glasses of water every day, even in those days when we may not feel too thirsty. 

Eat Many Small Meals
Yes! You read it right. Six small meals in a day are healthier than three huge meals. One must never wait till he/she is extremely hungry and cannot stay without food much longer, if they have to eat. While eating only three heavy portions, people end up eating, actually binging, on anything and everything, they can lay their hands on. They also end up eating much more than they should at any given point of time. 

Veggies’ Delight
The easiest way to lose weight, even on a full stomach is to add as many vegetables and fruits in the diet. They are really low on calorie and, even if you have had a stomach full of vegetables, you will have added very few calories to your system. Not to mention that fruits and vegetables are natural toxin cleaners, which clean your body, giving you more energy, cleaner skin, and healthy shiny hair. 

If you are taking a vacation at a place, where there is a staircase, make sure to use that instead of the elevator. If the place you are in has a gym facility, make the best use of it. If it has a pool, use that too; swimming is an excellent way to exercise the whole body, especially good for the buttocks! Since your normal routine is broken, you may have to find other ways of compensating for the loss. Remember that exercise was the part of your routine that you never had the intention of getting away from. The vacation was from work, not from something that made you fit and healthy.

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