A combination of strenuous exercises and high carb and protein diet is required to build muscle. Explore the article to know some useful tips on how to gain muscle mass.

How To Gain Muscle

There are many people who indulge in exercise to gain or lose weight. However, athletes and sportspersons, unlike such people, indulge in workouts to achieve greater muscle mass. Muscle building cannot happen overnight and it requires a combination of strenuous physical effort and a proper diet to get the desired results. It needs to be remembered that one cannot gain muscle without gaining some fat as well. Therefore, diet and weight program is relied upon to build muscles. Read the article to know some valuable tips on how to gain muscle.
Tips To Build Muscle Mass
Develop An Exercise Regimen
The best way to build muscle mass is through regular exercise. There are certain exercises that focus on specific muscles only. Then, we have others, which work upon several muscles at once. Hence, you need to decide on the exercises you will undertake. You can go either for full body weight training and cardio exercises or alternate muscle groups, depending upon your convenience.  
It needs to be remembered that muscles gain mass not during exercise, but when they are at rest. So, give your muscles adequate time to rest. The process of gaining mass begins 2-4 hours post-workout and continues for 24 hours. If you intend to build muscle volume instead of strength, you should do lots of repetitions and take 30-90 seconds of rest between the sets.
Tire Your Muscles
The muscles should be stressed to begin the muscle building process. By the time you are nearing the end of your final set; your muscles should experience exhaustion. If your muscles don’t feel exhausted by the final rep of your final set, the muscle building process will not take place properly. In other words, it means that you either need to add more weight or have to do more reps.
Take Stock Of Your Eating Habits
Suitable food, along with exercises, is extremely important for building muscle. You can also consume energy supplements, which aid muscle recovery and repair. However, supplements only work well with a consistent exercise regimen and good diet. Include complex carbs and lean protein, such as egg whites, low fat yoghurt and whole grain carbs, in your diet. Eat small meals throughout the day, preferably 5-6 meals, and cut processed out food from your diet.
During workout, take sports drinks that contain carbs and protein. Combination of carbs and proteins reduces muscle damage and speeds muscle recovery. Grab a drink or snack rich in carbs within 30 minutes of workout, to stimulate the body to produce glycogen. Creatine is a supplement that gives energy and can be taken 45 minutes before you begin the workout session. Pairing creatine with other carbs will increase its absorption rate by your muscles.
Alter Routine Every 4-6 Weeks
The benefits of weight training will stop showing results, if the same routine is pursued over time. This is because, with time, the body adapts itself to that particular level of stress. So, you will have to induce changes in your exercises routine and also change weights every 4-6 weeks, in order to maintain the same level of muscle growth.

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