Check out some valuable muscle building tips and know how to build muscles.

How To Build Muscles

While many people concentrate on loosing the extra flab in their body, others want to build their muscles. In the second case, you would want to concentrate on gaining muscles at strategic locations, say arms and abs, in your body. Building muscles is a process that requires proper planning, strict diet regimen, stamina and a lot of patience. If you are looking for the best way of building muscles, this article what you need. With the instructions and tips given below, learn how to build muscles.
Muscle Building Tips
Formulate A Program
The first step towards building muscles is to formulate an exercising program. You may build muscles by concentrating on one muscle group each day - arms on Monday, legs on Tuesday, chest on Wednesday, upper back on Thursday and so on. Another option is to do full-body weight training every other day. The choice is entirely yours!
Know The Rebuilding Process
You should remember that muscles grow during rest and not during the workout (which is the popular, but wrong belief). When you workout, muscles break down at the cellular level, leading to an increase in the protein synthesis. As a result, thicker muscle fibers are produced. The process of muscle rebuilding starts 2-4 hours after the workout and continues for the next 36-48 hours. If you stress the muscle again, before the process of rebuilding is complete, you will rob them of the chance to rebuild. So, give adequate time to your muscles to rebuild.
Increase/ Decrease Rest Period
You may design your program in such a way that you provide short rest periods, ranging from 60 to 90 seconds. Another option is to increase the recovery time, say two minutes of rest between each workout. The second option is best suited, in case you want to have immense power and strength.
Master The Movements
An important thing to consider, while working out for the purpose of building muscles, is the knowledge of the right technique of doing the exercises. Make sure that you learn how to do each exercise correctly. Any wrong attempt can cause serious injury. So, mastery will be required on your part.
Concentrate On Your Diet
Remember, whether you intend to burn the muscles or gain them, you have to follow a specific diet plan. If you strictly follow the suitable diet, you will be able to achieve the target quite easily. Eat small meals throughout the day, so that your muscles get steady supply of fuel (food) for rebuilding. Stop eating junk food. Have foods that are rich in protein, such as egg white, pulses, etc. You may take protein supplements as well.
  • You may drink sports drink during your workout. Consult your trainer about the energy drink suitable for you.
  • Do not use steroids for muscle building, because a number of side effects are associated with the consumption of such drugs.
  • Follow a routine, whether it is in context of your diet or the workout.

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