You can build your muscles through regular exercise. Read the article below for tips on muscle building at home.

How To Build Muscle At Home

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to join a gym, but wish to have a muscular figure then you can devote yourself towards building your muscles at home itself. But the fruits won’t come so fast and easy. Since you will be exercising with the minimum equipment or without it, there won’t be quick muscle development. And you have to work twice as harder. The main challenge that most people, who exercise from home face, is the task of continuing with muscle building. Since, results are not visible instantly many people get discouraged and stop in the middle. The advantage of muscle building from home is that, since you are not using equipment, you won’t be dependent on it. That’s the reason that, after building muscles in a gym, when they leave and stop using the equipment, their muscles shag. Another is that, once you cultivate an exercise regime at home it will stay with you throughout your entire life. In the pointers below are given tips to help you build your muscle at home.
Tips On Muscle Building At Home
Push- ups
To develop the triceps and pectoral muscles, without any equipment, can be best done with push- ups. Doing this exercise regularly will build the muscle mass and strength. Start slowly by doing five minute push- ups.
  • Medium grip press ups - 3 sets
  • Wide grip press ups - 3 sets
  • Medium grip press ups - 2 sets
  • Wide grip press ups - 2 sets 
Pull- ups
This exercise is very effective for developing the back muscles and biceps. Select a place in your house where you can place a metal or wooden pole and do this exercise regularly. The pole should be placed in such a height, so that you have stretch your entire hand and body to reach it.
Squatting develops the lower back and quadriceps. It is one of the best and quickest method to develop muscle mass. Start by doing eight to twelve squats a day and go on increasing gradually.
Curl- up
To strengthen the abdominal muscles this is the best exercise. Also known as abdominal crunches, various forms of this exercise can be done to develop the thigh and back muscles.
  • Lying leg raises - 3 sets
  • Twisting Crunches - 3 sets
  • Regular Crunches - 3 sets
Take rests of sixty seconds between sets.
Running is the best form of developing the overall body fitness. Run regularly for forty minutes every morning to tone the muscles. Running or brisk walking triggers the muscle to develop.
Include lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. Take proper diet consisting of proteins like meat, poultry, fish, whey, eggs, milk etc. and whole grains like oats, brown rice.
Maintain a daily routine. Exercise regularly. If you exercise in fits and starts, then it won’t help you build any muscles but may even be detrimental to your health. Muscles get conditioned to a particular routine, and exercising with a regular regime will help the muscles develop faster.
Drink plenty of water to maintain the moisture level of the body. During exercise sweating removes a huge quantity of water which should be replaced. Also have plenty of juice or sport drinks.

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