Are you wondering how to build muscles fast? If yes, then this article would be of help. Read through the article and explore the fastest way to build muscle.

Fastest Way To Build Muscle

Forget building muscle fast, as for most people building muscles even slowly, can be a nightmare. This is because building muscles is a process which is easier said than done. Without ingredients like persistence, perseverance and discipline, your workout recipe won’t yield any mouth watering results. Instead, you may more likely be faced with disappointment. But, if you are someone who is ready to take the plunge, it will be worthwhile to know that there are many techniques through which you can build muscles and in the fastest possible way. You should remember that when your workout follows a definite method, then packing in muscles can be quite easy. Though this can be quite demanding and cumbersome in the beginning, the results are sure to be worthwhile. When you see your muscles developing within just a span of a few weeks, you will be more ready to develop your daily workout regimen into a habit. To help you build muscles in the fastest possible way, read below as to how you can go about it.

How To Build Muscles Fast

  • The best way to ignite fast muscle growth is to follow the law of ‘progressive overload’. According to this law, the weight that is lifted in every single workout or the number of reps must be increased as much as possible. This will increase the demand on the body. Plus, regular increase in weight or reps allows the body to adapt to the changes. So, to build muscles fast, you must find out how much weight you can handle and then increase it gradually to help the muscles grow fast.
  • Muscle growth is always stimulated when the number of repetitions for any exercise is increased. The ideal number of repetitions should be between 8 to 12 reps. Always remember that lower reps in the range of 3 to 6 will only build the strength, but would not build the muscle hypertrophy fast. Adjust your weight in such a way that the weight becomes too heavy for you to lift for more than 12 reps, but allows you to do at least 8 reps.
  • To make sure that you develop muscle mass fast and evenly in all the body parts, you should perform 6 to 9 sets per body part. Keep the workouts under 45 minutes, so that the body doesn’t release the hormones which release the muscle tissue. Keep the workouts under 9 sets, as this would be enough to stimulate muscle growth.
  • Muscles are developed through tear, repair and growth. During workout, the tissue gets torn and then repairs and grows. But this growth is only fuelled through a balanced diet. Muscles need the energy from food to grow. The more you eat and workout, the more are the chances of your muscles to grow fast. Eat a diet that has the required percentage of fat, as this will increase the muscle building hormones in the body.
  • Muscles are formed primarily due to protein. An abundance of protein will help the muscle tissue repair itself and grow. However, too much of protein is also detrimental for your body. To know the amount of protein that is required for your growing body, a good rule of thumb is to take one gram of protein for every pound of total body weight.
  • Water is very crucial to build muscles fast. Drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water per day so that the peak strength and energy level is maintained.
  • Too much cardiovascular workout will hinder in gaining more muscle mass. These types of exercises are only good when you want to lose fat, not when you are looking forward to donning more muscles.  
  • Give the muscles time to rest, so that the tissues can repair themselves. Good sleep is extremely important, because when you are sleeping, there is an increase in the release of growth hormone. 

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