Everyone likes to build and flaunt toned muscles, but it is not too easy to achieve the same. Traverse through this article to know how to get muscle tone fast.

How To Get Muscle Tone Fast

Most people know they want to look toned and muscular. However, these very same people may not be willing to put in the effort required to get to their goal. Maybe this is because of the lack of knowledge on how to build muscle tone fast or failed attempts made at achieving the same. However, building muscle tone is not as tough as people may think. It’s all about resistance exercises and cardiovascular activities. The fruits of these physical efforts are then best reaped when supplemented with adequate rest and proper diet. This will not only make muscles look that much better, but will also improve health and do wonders for a person’s confidence. There are also certain things you should do and certain things that you shouldn’t do to build muscle tone fast. Here’s presenting a guide on how to get muscle tone fast. Once you’ve got these basic rules down to a discipline or a way of life, the ‘toned-muscles look’ is simply yours for the taking. 

How To Build Muscle Tone

Regular Exercise
You’ve probably heard this before, but there really are no two ways about it. To achieve toned muscles you will have to exercise regularly and efficiently. You cannot get toned muscles without working them out. If you desire to build muscle tone faster, you will have to hit the gym. Lifting weights or weight resistance exercises will help you get to the toned look faster. Lifting weights will also help most when you want to tone a particular part of your body. However, for that overall toned look you will have to ‘indulge’ in a lot of cardiovascular activities like playing football, tennis, skipping, running, walking, cycling, etc. 

Paradigm Shifts
Paradigm shifts here refer to alternating between working out different muscle groups. Working on just a particular muscle group at a time may not be as effective as you may think it is. To build toned muscles fast, it’s important to exercise two muscle groups at a time and alternate between these workouts. For example, you can work on your chest and triceps on Monday and work on your back and biceps on Tuesday. You can complement your efforts by finishing off the ‘regime’ by working out on your shoulders and legs on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday can be reserved for cardiovascular exercises. Don’t forget to take the weekend off! 

Lighten Your Load
Lifting those intimidating weights at the gym will help you put on mass or bulk you up. However, if you’re looking at getting the toned look, it’s all about lighter weights and more repetitions. Instead of doing 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps with heavy weights, you can do 4-5 sets of 14-16 reps with lighter weights. These exercises may be just as challenging, if not more. Remember, the idea is to tone your muscles, not put on bulk. When working out with lighter weights, don’t stop until the 15th or 16th rep. It’s when you’ll feel the maximum burn. 

You Are What You Eat
Building muscle tone will definitely require you to eat right. You will have to stick to foods high on protein and low on fats. Chicken, fish, lean meat, and nonfat milk are your safest bets. Protein shakes or whey protein supplements too can help increase your intake of protein. You will have to steer clear of fried foods, processed foods and alcohol. They’re nothing but bad news for your body. Drink a lot of water and fresh fruit juices sans the sugar. Soft drinks and ice creams are best when still at the store! 

Rest A While
Your muscles need the time to recover post a workout. So this only makes it extremely important to get plenty of rest. Getting enough rest is just as important as exercising regularly. Intense workouts and no rest can only lead to burnouts or fatigue. It is important to enjoy a breather between workouts. Also, make it a point to spend at least eight hours in the sack. Believe it or not, but sleep does improve muscle tone and also assists in the recovery of the same.

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