Early morning workouts though one of the healthiest things for your body, have their share of pitfalls. Read this article to know the various advantages & disadvantages of early morning exercise.

Pros And Cons Of Early Morning Workouts

In the modern era of frantic and busy schedules, it is difficult to find time for a proper exercise regimen. One of the best ways to make sure that your exercise routine does not get lost in the shuffle is to opt for early morning workouts. Early morning workouts do more than just keeping you fit and controlling your weight. Getting up early in the wee hours of morning does wonders on your overall mental health and wellness, though it is hard to continue doing the same for prolonged periods. However, did you know that much like everything else, the early morning workouts too have their share of downfall? The horrible buzzing sound coming from your alarm clock that alerts you every morning that ‘its time for working out’ has some adverse effects in its kitty. Read through the following lines to learn the different advantages and disadvantages of early morning workouts or exercising.
Advantages Of Early Morning Exercise
  • One of the most prominent positives of early morning exercises is that it leaves you refreshed for the entire day. In case you put off the exercise to later hours of the day, you are probably likely to deem it as unpleasant and put it off due to the numerous other things to be accomplished. Also, exercising in the evening is not as refreshing as it is in the morning.
  • When you start rising early in the morning, you are bound to go back to bed early every night. Following this pattern for sometime will accustom your internal clock to stick to this routine. As a result, you will be on your feet every morning without the need of an alarm clock. Also, this would make you all the more disciplined in life.
  • Everyone is aware of the fact that exercising increases the metabolism rate, thereby burning more calories. But did you know that this process continues even after you are done with the workout? This is mainly due to the increased metabolism and burning of more calories that lasts for 30 to 60 minutes even after you have stopped exercising. 
  • Including a regular daily workout in your routine will leave your energized and boosted throughout the day. Conversely, evening workouts will stimulate your body and deprive you off a sound sleep in the night. Although early morning workouts are boring and lackluster, they definitely renew your energy and promote better sleep patterns in the night.
  • Your brain is bound to be highly thankful for the rich supply of oxygen to it right at the start of the day. This is best achieved through a morning exercising routine. Moreover, early morning exercises make you alert, which is highly essential for working professionals.
Disadvantages Of Early Morning Exercise
  • The basic and the most obvious disadvantage of a morning workout is the need for getting up earlier than usual. Instead of waking up for a morning workout, each one of us prefers to spend more time on the cozy mattress and directly get up for work.
  • Studies indicate that getting up early does not necessarily put you in the league of going to bed early as well. This is highly noteworthy especially in case of families with children. Though morning workouts are highly beneficial for metabolism boost, if a person is sacrificing his sleep for the same, he is negating the health benefit of a sound sleep. Also, lack of sleep increases the chances of a person getting afflicted with diabetes, obesity and short life span.
  • Getting up in the wee hours of the morning would mean risking your life. In case you are not fully awake or still feel woozy, chances are that you might bump yourself into a bike or a car. Riding a bike or cycling at this time can be dangerous if you are not wide awake.  
  • People who are not morning persons may find it difficult to include morning workouts in their routine. Though they might start off the routine with much enthusiasm and will power, with time, they would refrain from continuing the exercise.
  • Though morning workouts give you a boost of instant energy, towards the end of the day, your metabolism is likely to slow down. Evening exercise, on the other hand, boosts your metabolism, which helps in burning more calories after a heavy dinner. 

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