Immunization with the help of vaccines is one be the most potent ways to keep hazardous diseases at bay, but have their own pros and cons. Explore the advantages & disadvantages of vaccinations.

Pros And Cons Of Vaccinations

Vaccination is basically the process of producing a state of immunity to certain infectious diseases, through deliberate, artificial stimulation of body's defenses against each disease. Ideally, this process is carried out without causing any symptom of illness. Though vaccination is considered to be one of the most effective methods of keeping several hazardous diseases at bay, it has been discovered that they cannot be deemed completely risk free. While they do have their pros, even cons are not completely far behind.
Since the inception of vaccines, it has been discovered that no immunizing biological agent is completely safe. Under specific conditions, every vaccine may produce side effects. Thus, before exposing any individual to any kind of vaccine, the overall condition should be assessed and only then a decision should be made.
The Pros
In general, the concept behind immunization is similar to that of homeopathic approach of ‘like treating like’. In effect, the body is exposed to a little amount of the organism, causing a particular disease. Though the organisms are modified to make them safe enough for the body, they are rendered with the ability to create the specific infection. With this, the immune system of the body becomes active and produces antibodies to fight the foreign organism.
This process makes the body equipped for fighting against the specific disease. This is because whenever the same organism will enter the system, the immune cells will recognize it and will mount an efficient resistance against it. Thus, vaccination works great deal in strengthening the immunity and protecting the body from fatal diseases. After learning about the advantages, let us move on the disadvantages as well. 
The Cons
Like any other medication, in case of vaccines too, there are certain disadvantages. There exists the risk of adverse reactions with vaccinations as well. Mostly, the reactions associated with vaccinations are minor in nature, including pain or swelling at the injection site, mild fever and irritability. In rare cases, severe reactions have also been noticed. However, the rate of occurrence cannot be determined as side effects are usually not reported and there is very less research being done in the area.

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