Given below is vital information on jump rope exercises and techniques. To know how to start a jump rope workout program, browse through this article.

Jump Rope Exercises And Techniques

As a child, all of us have enjoyed the delight and pleasure of jumping a rope. It was then a small leisure activity, which one enjoyed in the innocence of childhood. Jumping and playing with friends just seemed so effortless. However, at the wake of maturity, one realizes that it is not truly that effortless and requires ample amount of energy and body movement. Thus, rope jump can be substituted as one of the significant techniques of exercises. It is simple to perform and does not require additional efforts, such as joining a gym. It can even be practiced in the vicinity of your home, say your backyard! Want to know more in this regard? In the following lines, we have provided information on jump rope exercises and techniques, just for you
How To Start A Jump Rope Workout Program 
  • The workout should always begin with a warm-up routine. This should be followed by light skipping of rope or walk, till your heart rate escalates and your muscles are warm.
  • Your posture should be upright and relaxed, with shoulders down from the ears, comfortably laid back and abdominal muscles held in, towards the spine.
  • Exert your body weight on the toes of your feet and look straight ahead. Push up lightly on the toes. Your knees should be slightly bent, while the arms should be relaxed at your side.
  • Start by rotating the rope in a moving arc, over your head. As the rope hits the floor, push up by applying pressure on the toes of your feet, such that the rope passes beneath your legs.
  • Slowly, develop a rhythm jumping over the rope, as it reaches the ground.
  • A jumping rope program can be undertaken by jumping rope and walking in place. Continue this for 10 minutes and gradually increase your intervals and the length of time you jump rope. 
Types of Jump Rope Exercises
Basic Jump
Basic jump is the easiest of all techniques, when it comes to jump rope exercises. Stand straight and place the rope behind you. Now, move your hands and the rope forwards, in order to pass it over your head. Next, jump over the rope, by placing your feet together.
Reverse Jump
Reverse jump, as the name suggests, is exactly opposite to the basic jump technique. In this case, you need to start the exercise by placing the rope in front of your body. Now, move your hands and rope backwards, in order to swing it over your head. Just as you did in the basic jump exercise, jump over the rope by positioning your feet together.
Jogging Step Jump
The starting point of jogging step jump is similar to basic jump. The only difference is that in this case, you should not keep your feet together while swinging the rope over your head. Instead, move your legs back and forth, just as in the jogging motion, while you jump.
Benefits of Jump Rope Exercise 
  • Jump rope exercise is very simple to do. It does not require any special instrument, apart from the rope.
  • The exercise helps an individual burn excess fat under the skin and thus, lose weight.
  • It enhances the agility, coordination and level of endurance in a person, if done properly and on a regular basis.
  • Jump rope exercise gives a boost to the metabolism of the individual. They also strengthen the calves, arms and shoulders.

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