Exercises done to improve the vertical leap involve strengthening of legs. Go through the article to know about how to increase your vertical jump with exercises.

Exercises To Improve Your Vertical Leap

Sportspersons, especially those involved in games like basket ball, always want to increase their vertical jump. Many exercises are specially designed for improving the vertical leap of a person. The first step in this process is to strengthen the legs and muscle fibers, as to add a few inches to your jump. If you want to know how to increase your vertical jump with exercises, go through this article. We have given some simple exercises, which will help you accomplish the task easily.
Exercises To Improve Your Vertical Leap
Warm Ups
Before starting the exercises, you need to warm up your muscles. Jog around the park for ten minutes. Run up and down the stairs for a few minutes. Doing extensive leg stretches is another way to warm up the muscles. These simple exercises can help condition your body. Warming up before doing exercises helps you develop muscle fibers that are used for jumping.  
Skipping Rope Exercise
Skipping rope exercise should never be missed out, as it will contribute in increasing the strength of your leg. Moreover, it helps maintain excellent cardiovascular condition. Do this exercise for fifteen to thirty minutes on a regular basis. Doing it early in the morning will give good results.
Knee Raises
Hold an overhead bar firmly, with your arms about shoulder-width apart. Hang from the overhead bar, with your arms fully extended and knees bent slightly. Hold this position and slowly raise your knees towards your chest. Squeeze your stomach muscles while doing this. Maintain the position of your knees for few seconds, before lowering your legs towards the floor. Repeat the process five times.
Knee Bends
One of the best ways to increase your leg strength is by bending the knees. Stand in an athlete’s stance – straight, with chests out and keeping your back tight. Now, bend your knees slowly, keeping the back straight. Crouch, in a slow motion, to the maximum possible extent. Repeat this process 20 times.
Toe Raises
Stand straight. Now, raise your right leg in slow motion, until you can touch the tip of your toe with one hand. Pull down slowly and get back to the original position. Now, raise your left leg and repeat the process. Do this 30 times.
Sit-ups will be very helpful in improving your vertical leap. However, if you want to have commendable leg strength, simple sit-ups will not be enough. Bring variation to this exercise by lying down on the floor with the back in a straight position. Now, lift the shoulders from the floor, in a slow motion. Do this exercise daily for ten minutes, in the morning and at night.

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