Many health benefits arise from the normal skipping or jumping rope exercise. It keeps you fit, healthy and glowing. Read more details about jumping rope benefits in the article that follows.

Jumping Rope Benefits

This is a world of contrasts and paradoxes. While on one hand we want health and fitness, on the other we don’t have the time to spend on being healthy. Taking time out for morning walks, gym or even household chores has become a challenge in a world which is marred by cumbersome traveling, inhumane working hours, unhealthy eating habits and ill-timed body clocks. Women, especially, bear the brunt of this double-edged sword, owing to the double role they perform in the day to day activities. They are wives, workers and mothers. But the fact that they can’t go out of their homes in search of health doesn’t mean that they are doomed to a sick and diseased life. Help is at hand in the form of that age-old rope that your granny always recommended. She swore by the name of skipping rope and the benefits that arise due to it and it is only wise if you too swear by it. It, in fact, is not only an exercise that women do, but men are increasingly being attracted to the simplicity and ease of skipping and the benefits arising thereto.
Benefits Of Jumping Rope Exercise
This exercise is very simple and hence there are no obvious dangers attached to it. For a treadmill, you may need to consult a doctor, but for this exercise all you need to know is your own body capacity.
There is more to skipping rope than meets the eye. It is not just an exercise, but also doubles up as a fun activity that kids as well as grown-ups can do in the privacy of their homes or in the natural parks. It is not just about sweating, but also about enjoying the workout with each thump that your feet make when they touch the ground.
This is arguably the best thing about skipping rope. It costs peanuts. Skipping rope, obviously, doesn’t require any capital expenditure and if you have grown up with kids around you then you, obviously, are well-versed with the simplistic techniques involved. So, as compared to other health options, there is absolutely no expenditure involved  while indulging in skipping.
Perfection Defined
This form of exercise is perfection defined and extremely effective. You end up losing 800-1000 calories per hour with the rope without any investment. And what’s more, it works on your entire body and improves blood circulation to every cell of your body, unlike the gym machines which are designed to target one part at a time.
So, you have gained some extra kilos in the past and now you want to lose them? Well, the whole neighbourhood doesn’t have to know about that. Enter the skipping rope! Skip away those calories and extra weight in the privacy of your home and no one shall know from where the new and trimmed you appeared.
Grace & Balance
The kind of movement required in skipping rope makes a body more flexible and graceful. The fact that you need to balance your body smoothly on your toes after every mid-air jump explains the benefit of increased balance and grace of the body. It also strengthens your core and works wonder for lower back, because of the constant thumping of the feet on the floor, which provides gradual firmness to the back bone.
The rope is such a small thing that you can carry it wherever you go. Just open that little bag of yours and thrust in the coiled rope and you are good to go. As such, convenience is another of the important aspects of this exercise. This is a mobile exercise.
Best For Kids
It is extremely easy to learn and fun to do, which makes it an ideal exercise for the kids. In today’s materialistic world, it is important for us to tear away our kids from the TV and the computer and place them in the backyard with a skipping rope in their hands. You can encourage and lead by example.

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