Cardio exercises help one lead a healthy, happy, and stress free life. Click on the link to learn more about the benefits of cardiovascular exercises.

Cardio Exercise Benefits

“Health is wealth.” It is high time that we realize that if you do not take care of our heath we cannot enjoy the other good things of life. Cardio exercises top the list of exercises that are chosen by people to lose weight. However the fact is that there are far more benefits than just losing weight. The word ‘cardio’ is related to the heart and so the cardiovascular system comprising of the heart and its related blood vessels will also be affected as a part of the exercise. The blood vessels pump blood and circulate it through the body, helping in various body functions. Thus, any cardio vascular exercise aims at strengthening the heart and improving its overall functioning. Cardio exercises elevate the normal heart rate to around 60-70 percent. In the process of these exercises, your heart pumps blood out of the arteries, which in turn carry oxygen to various working muscles and cells. Surprisingly enough, people who do a lot of cardio workouts tend to have a healthier heart resulting in a healthier body as well. Only a healthy heart can provide the necessary nourishment for the stress free functioning of the other organs of the body. Cardio exercises not only enrich your lifestyle but give you a healthy heart. Read on to know more about the benefits of cardio exercises here.
Benefits Of Cardiovascular Exercises
You needn’t be a hard core athlete or a runner to do cardio exercises. Anything from brisk walking to jogging can prove to be a beneficial cardio exercise. There are equipments built especially for cardio like the elliptical which is helpful for people suffering from knee problems. Tread mills also provide a great work out for people looking out for cardio exercise. For the exercise to be effective, it must be done every day for at least half an hour. Given below is a list of benefits that cardio-exercises provide:
  • They help in building stamina.
  • Combining weight training programs with cardio can help you lose some weight. It also helps in developing a well-toned body and building body mass.
  • Cardio exercises enhance the resistance power of the immune system which will help combat viral infections such as common cold.
  • Cardio exercises also play an important role in improving concentration and mental stability.
  • They help in eliminating anxiety disorders, and releases endorphins (happy hormones) that helps in relieving pain.
  • They help in improve bone health and the ability to perform daily chores effectively.
  • Reduction in blood pressure is another important benefit of cardio exercises.
  • Cardio exercises help in decreasing the total cholesterol and lead to increase in HDL-cholesterol (the good one).   
  • They help in decreasing the body fat that is accumulated in the body.
  • Cardio exercises help in the good flow of oxygen throughout the body. They also revitalize the activities of the body with decreased symptoms of anxiety, and depression.
  • Possible reduction in mortality in patients with post myocardial infarction as these exercises help in strengthening better vascular wall functions.
  • They increase energy levels and promote sound sleep.
  • Cardiovascular exercises lead to an efficient heart and effective body.

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