High intensity cardio exercises do not just strengthen the heart and circulatory system; they are also excellent for weight loss. Read on to know about cardio exercises to lose weight.

Cardio Workouts For Weight Loss

Those who have been through the excruciatingly painful task of losing weight, know that burning fat is not a walk in the park, literally! Many of those who go for a brisk walk every morning or evening, thinking that it will help them burn a few calories, are soon jolted out of their illusions when they come to know that it is one of the least strenuous and effective cardio exercises that would help lose weight. It is effective only over long periods of time and requires stricter diet control, which is impossible for many of us! If one really wants to lose weight and make it effective, one has to go for a workout regime that would really increase the metabolic rate so that fats burn faster and thus aid in weight loss. One has to opt for workouts that are a bit more strenuous and would burn more calories even in a shorter span of time. Heavy cardio exercises like cycling, running, and swimming are the way to go. Here are some cardio workouts for weight loss that burn calories faster.
Cardiovascular Exercises For Weight Loss
Here are a few cardio workouts that aid in weight loss
Perhaps the most eco friendly and least boring way to lose weight would be about 45 minutes of cycling every day – it could be on the stationary cycle or the mobile one. It comes under aerobic exercises and is extremely helpful for toning muscles of the upper thighs and calves. In addition to all that, it helps build stamina and is excellent for the heart, blood vessels, and lungs. The best part about it is that one can do it in the open as well as in the comfort of one’s home, with an easily available exer-cycle. Many exer-cycles are foldable and occupy very little space. It is, however, advisable to wear lose and comfortable clothes and durable shoes while exercising as strenuous as this. Also, it is better to do some stretching exercises before going for a non-stop cycling session.
Step Aerobics 
Step aerobics are excellent for building lean muscles, which will result in increased calorie burning. Because of the motions done in step aerobics, much of the muscle gain will be in the legs, buttocks, and arms. The increased muscle activity in these areas will assist in firming them up and getting rid of extra fat stored there. It is also a way to increase the metabolic rate of the body. Assuming that your intake of food remains the same, your body will actually begin to lose weight rather than gain. All you need is comfortable shoes, a room, and music. Make sure you do stretching exercises prior to it and go from slow to fast to slow again.
The only other exercise that could give the whole body a workout is swimming. The breaststroke alone can burn about 400 calories in half an hour. After all, swimming uses almost all of your major muscle groups. It places a vigorous demand on your heart and lungs. Swimming is also popular with people who are extremely overweight, pregnant, or suffering from some kind of injury. It is excellent for toning the thighs, calves, upper arms and the buttocks, which many people complain they can never get rid of.
Cardio Kickboxing 
Though this was primarily supposed to be a ‘male’ form of exercise, kickboxing is now finding a heavily accepting crowd with the so-called weaker sex! The only difference is that women take it to be able to lose weight. One could begin with aerobics or with any other form of stretching exercise to warm up before beginning a rigourous kickboxing regime.

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