Diabetes has rightly gained an endemic status with more and more men being diagnosed with the disease today. With this article, educate yourself on the common signs & symptoms of diabetes in men.

Signs Of Diabetes In Men

Diabetes is being touted as one of the biggest threats to a man’s health and well-being today, with recent studies confirming that men are more prone to diabetes-related health hazards than their female counterparts. Regarded as a ‘man made disease’, today diabetes is held as one of the primary concerns behind more graver health issues pertaining to heart, kidney and eye-sight. The speedy rise behind this debilitating condition is being read as ignorance on the part of most men, who are either apprehensive or just plain unconcerned about their health. It is surprising to note the large number of cases of diabetes go undiagnosed every year. This is just because most men often fail to relate the everyday symptoms like frequent urinating, numbness and so on to the serious threat of diabetes. With the sedentary lifestyle, poor fitness and unhealthy habits licking into our life, it has become doubly important to be conscious of one’s health today. The common signs of diabetes can be baffling for some and thus may go unnoticed, which isn’t good news. Thus, it is important to keep oneself informed about the basic signs of diabetes and its possible threat. To know more on some of the most common signs of diabetes in men, read on.
Common Signs Of Diabetes In Men
  • Touted as one of the most obvious signs of diabetes, frequent urination or polyuria is probably the most annoying symptom that plagues a diabetic. It is often explained as the result of rapid rise of glucose levels in the blood that in turn affects kidney’s ability to filter and absorb water, resulting in frequent urination.
  • Another most patent signs of diabetes is dehydration or loss of fluid from the body, clinically referred as polydipsia. Due to poor water absorption and heightened relative frequency of urination, the body tends to go dry, thereby increasing one’s thirst considerably and leaving one feeling parched all the time.
  • If you feel overly hungry or are famished all the time, chances are that you might be suffering from diabetes. Increased appetite or polyphagia is read as a more blatant clue of diabetes, when the body tends to naturally secrete excessive insulin to depress the glucose levels. This leaves one famished and craving for food more often all the time.
  • Sudden unexplained weight loss or weight gain is another tell-tale symptom of diabetes. When suffering from diabetes, the body tends to lose more sugar, especially through urination. The body has to depend on muscular proteins and fats to nourish itself then. This possibly explains the real reason behind sudden weight loss in diabetic men.
  • Increased fatigue or exhaustion is a classic symptom of diabetes. As the body is deprived of its primary energy source, i.e. glucose, one tends to feel low on energy all the time.
  • Blurred or poor vision is another visible sign of diabetes. Abnormal levels of blood sugar in body deprive the lenses off the body fluid, thereby leaving the shape of eye lenses deformed, which often results in poor focus, blurred vision and at times complete blindness.
  • Excess sugar in blood often damages the small blood vessels to the nerves that aggravate tingling and numbness in hands and feet. One can also suffer from burning sensation in legs, feet, arms and hands.
  • Diabetes is likely to take its toll on one’s sexual life. Apart from plopping down testosterone levels in men, it might also cause erectile dysfunction in them. However, this is more common in men above 50 years of age.  
  • Skin infections or yeast infections are also common among people suffering from diabetes.
  • Anyone suffering from diabetes is likely to develop a feeble immune system over the time. This is because the higher level of glucose present in the blood impedes with the proper functioning of leucocytes or white blood cells, thereby weakening the overall resistance power of the human body. This explains why a diabetic is more prone to infections and poor healing than normal people.
  • Some other regular symptoms of diabetes that are likely to show up in the initial stages are viral illness, fatigue, poor appetite and weakness.

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