Do you want to eradicate all the possibilities of being stricken by diabetes? If yes, read on to learn some tips for avoiding diabetes.

How To Avoid Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the world, and one of the risky as well. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the human body is unable to produce ample amounts of insulin and is unable to utilize insulin properly. Insulin is a hormone that is vital to convert sugar, starches and other food items into energy for the body to use. Lack of insulin production means lack of energy for the body which comes along with a lot other complications and health problems.  Therefore, it is better you start taking steps to eradicate the possibilities of diabetic attack before the malady strikes. Haven’t you heard the saying, ‘prevention is better than cure’? Well we are sure most of you have. It is therefore better to be well acquainted than to suffer later with the disease and it’s after affects. There are many ways in which one can control blood sugar levels and curb any risk of a diabetic attack and related problems. This article provides you with various ways to avoid diabetes.  Read on to learn more.

How To Avoid Diabetes

Daily Exercise
A daily exercise routine is the best way to avoid diabetes. Working out regularly or indulging in some physical activity will improve blood circulation and the body’s ability to use insulin and absorb glucose. It has been scientifically established that even a small exercise routine daily reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

Maintain A Healthy Weight
Being overweight or obese is one of the common causes of diabetes. Obesity is a serious threat to a person and increases the risk of developing diabetes in a person. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain a healthy weight through a weight loss diet plan or by exercising regularly. 

Avoid Refined Carbohydrates
Try and avoid the consumption of refined carbohydrates. Make sure that you reduce or eliminate the consumption of refined carbohydrates like sugar, soft drinks, fruit drinks and fruit juice, white bread, white rice, white pasta and other refined carbohydrates because these lead to a frequent rise in the blood sugar levels. Consuming these food items in large quantities increases the risk of diabetes.

Consume Plant Foods
Increase the consumption of plant foods in order to reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Start consuming foods rich in fibre like colourful vegetables, beans, fresh fruits and whole grains. Intake of these food items will lower the risk of diabetes and will keep your appetite and calories under control.

Regular Physical And Eye Check Up
It is advisable to go in for a regular diabetes check up and a yearly physical or routine eye examination. Yearly physical check up’s will bring forth diabetic related complications if any, including the signs of kidney damage, nerve damage and heart disease. The eye care specialist will check for any signs of retinal damage, cataracts and glaucoma. 

Consume Healthy Fats
It is important for you to learn which fatty food is acceptable and which fatty food is dangerous. Fats found in omega 3 fish like tuna, fats in raw nuts, seeds, whole grains and olive oil are fats that you can consume to help reduce the risk of diabetes. It is the trans fats that one should avoid consuming.

Quit Smoking And Drinking
If you are in habit of smoking or drinking, it is advisable for you to kick the habit right away. Tobacco and liquor increases the risk of diabetes in the long run. Smoking specially increases the risk of diabetes 50% more than any other food habit can.

Keep Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Under Check
It is important on your part to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under check, because diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol put pressure on the blood vessels. Cholesterol and high blood pressure levels along with diabetes increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes and other complicated health issues. Therefore, it is essential on your part to exercise and follow a healthy diet to keep your cholesterol and blood pressure under control.

Take Stress Seriously
You should take stressful situations seriously and take steps to deal with them as soon as possible. Stress will make you neglect your diabetes care routine and the hormones which your body produces under stressful situation will prevent proper working of insulin. Therefore, it is important to learn techniques to deal with stress so that you can concentrate on the diabetes control routine.

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