It becomes important to avoid certain foods, if you are suffering from diabetes, to keep it under control. Follow the article to know what not to eat if you are diabetic.

Foods To Avoid In Diabetes

Diabetes can impose serious limits on your food intake and as such, a dietary balance becomes extremely important to tackle diabetes. Controlling diabetes calls for serious monitoring and effective regulation of your diet, which effects that there are certain foods you need to categorically avoid to keep your diabetes levels firmly under control. If your diabetes is not already too high, you can almost eat anything in moderation. However, strict limits are to be imposed, in case your diabetes in not under control. What is required is to cut down on certain foods that can increase glucose levels in the blood, and consume those which regulate diabetes. Below given are the foods to avoid in diabetes, to keep it under check.
What Not To Eat If You Are Diabetic  
  • Sugar is to be avoided by those suffering from diabetes. White sugar, honey, jaggery, jelly, jam, ice-cream, pastries, canned juice, chocolates, cake, pie, syrup, doughnuts, artificial sweeteners, cream and cookies are some sweet food items that diabetic patients should strictly avoid.
  • Those suffering from diabetes should stay away from fried foods, which can flare up their diabetic levels. Instead of frying foods, you can try baking, sautéing or boiling such foods in a pan. Vegetables can also be steamed, rather than fried.
  • It is essential for diabetic patients to limit their sodium intake.  Soy sauce, MSG (a sodium rich salt), and brine contain a rich amount of sodium, which is to be avoided by those suffering from diabetes.
  • Consumption of cream cheese, butter, cottage cheese and margarine should be effectively regulated. The level of diabetes can shoot up by the intake of fatty foods.
  • While salad is a healthy food for diabetics, some salad dressings such as mustard, mayonnaise and avocado dressing, are to be avoided as they are high in sodium.
  • Diabetics should keep away from refined floors. Avoid pasta, white bread, all purpose flour (maida), pretzels, puffs, pizza and processed foods.
  • While a diabetic can eat some healthy fruits, it is important to avoid the ones that have high sugar content. Oranges, grapefruit, papaya, plums, nectarines and peaches are among those foods which are to be avoided. Banana, grapes and strawberries are some other fruits that should not be consumed. These fruits have a sugar pulp, which can lead to a sudden rise in blood glucose levels.
  • Saturated fats are also a strict no-no for a diabetes patient. Fatty meats are to be avoided. However, lean meats can be safely consumed.
  • It is important for a diabetic to go easy with vegetables, such as beet, carrots, peas, beans and starchy vegetables, like potatoes are not to be consumed.
  • Intake of beverages, such as soda, tea and coffee, should be strictly regulated in diabetes.
  • In addition to above mentioned foods, a diabetic patient should also avoid indulging in smoking and drinking. A diet control will not work at all, if the diabetic patient is regular with smoking and drinking.

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