High cholesterol foods can interfere in the normal and healthy functioning of a human body. For your benefit, we have provided a list of food that are high in cholesterol content.

High Cholesterol Foods

Cholesterol is a fat soluble organic compound called steroid, which is located in the cell membranes and transported in the body by the blood plasma. The biosynthesis of this fatty lipid mainly occurs in the liver and is found in large accumulations inside the human brain, spinal cord and liver. Apart from this, biosynthesis of cholesterol can also occur in the adrenal glands and reproductive organs. The presence of this compound in moderate amounts in the human body is very essential, as it helps maintain the normal structure and functioning of the cell membranes. However, excess cholesterol can be quite harmful and lead to a number of ailments and diseases, like gall stones, heart attacks and even strokes. Certain food materials contain high amounts of this compound and their regular consumption can lead to the above-mentioned conditions. Hence, avoid or reduce the intake of such food items, to maintain a normal serum cholesterol level. Given below is a list of high cholesterol foods that you should avoid, in order to maintain a healthy cholesterol level.
List Of Foods High In Cholesterol
Most of the meat products contain high levels of cholesterol and excess consumption of these can adversely affect your health. Also, the quality and cut of these products play a major role in determining and maintaining a low cholesterol level. Avoid any kind of meat products that contain more than 3 gram fat per ounce and try to especially avoid those that contain the word ‘prime’ or have high levels of white fat. Some such products that should be strictly avoided are fatty cuts of meats, bacon, pork, ground beef & liver.
Poultry Products
Always remove the skin from chicken or turkey prior to consuming them. This is very important as the skin is a concentrated source of cholesterol, saturated fats and calories. Hence, keep in mind to peel off the skin before cooking them.
Another food item that has high cholesterol levels is seafood, like crabs, shrimps and lobsters. They particularly elevate the HDL levels (High Density Lipoproteins or Good Cholesterol) and are very important for a healthy, nutritious diet.
Saturated Fats
Food items that have high levels of saturated fats or trans fatty acids should be strictly eliminated from your diet, as they increase the level of LDLs (Low Density Lipoproteins or Bad Cholesterol). Food products like butter, bacon drippings, lard, cheese, palm oil and coconut oil contain high amount of saturated fats and need to be avoided as much as you can.You can achieve this is by checking the nutritional labels of products, before eating them and reducing the quantity of fried foods that you eat.
Dairy Products
Dairy products, especially those that contain whole milk like cheese and ice cream, are rich in cholesterol. So, it is always advisable to go for skimmed products and low fat diary goods that contain around 1% milk. Some of the dairy products that you should totally avoid are cream cheese, processed cheese, eggs, heavy creams and custard products.
Excess intake of carbohydrates can be really harmful, as they can elevate the blood cholesterol levels. There is a complex chemical process by which the conversion of carbohydrates to fatty tissues takes place. They are first converted to glucose and then to triglycerides and finally to the fatty tissues. Hence, make it a point to avoid excess of white rice, potatoes, candy, pizzas, pastas and popcorns with butter.
Always remember that your daily intake of cholesterol should not exceed 200 to 400 milligrams, be it from any source.

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