From brisk walking to cycling, anything can make for a good cardio exercise. There are different types of cardio that you can do.

Cardio-Exercises For Men

When Aamir Khan was spotted with eight-pack abs in the movie Ghajini, it was not only the fairer sex but also their male counterparts who felt the heat. Men across the country felt a sudden need to sweat it off at gyms to impress their girlfriends or wives. Cardio exercises became an instant hit with men since then. The advantage of any cardio exercise is that, it not only helps your body loose a few pounds but also gifts you with a healthy heart and body. While cardio exercises like rowing strengthens your heart muscles, others like sprinting and jogging help you get rid of that unwanted flab. These exercises are the best way to get those muscle-packs in place. At times cardio exercises will have to be combined with other weight–lifting exercises for that perfect effect. It has been seen that it is the women folk who are more interested in doing cardio exercises as it burns fat easier. Men on the other hand prefer weight lifting as it is their external appearance that matters to them the most. Though weight training burns fat, it does no good in keeping the heart healthy. For a healthy heart, cardio exercises are a must. Read on to educate yourselves on the different type of cardio exercises.
Different Types Of Cardio Exercises For Men
There are lots of cardio exercises that can be done inside the four walls of a gym. But there are even more that can be done outside it, making the whole experience of exercising an enthralling one. Along with building body endurance, they help in building muscles as well. There are quite a number of exercises that come under cardio exercises that can be done by men. They are:

It is an excellent cardio exercise as it not only affects the heart but the whole body, and so it can very well be categorized under whole body exercise. Swimming helps increase the heart rate, watching the respiratory functions as well. Did you know that the breast stroke can burn approx. 400 calories in 30 minutes? No prizes for guessing why Michael Phelps has a wonderful body.
Bicycling is a cardio exercise that can be done both indoors and outdoors. Depending upon the resistance and speed of the exercise it will burn up to 500 calories in 30 minutes.
Have you ever wondered why anyone with a good pair of running shoes can burn some calories running? It is a great way to burn some calories while keeping the health of your heart under check.  It can easily burn 300 calories in 30 minutes if you are running in the required speed.
Elliptical Trainer
If you do not have enough of country side to go for long walks, an elliptical trainer can be an excellent option. It is a great way of building body resistance. This is one of the commonly used devices in any gym because of its multiple functions.
Walking is the easiest and one of the healthiest exercises that you can do. What else can you ask for than a brisk walk along the countryside hearing the chirping of the birds, breathing enough of fresh air for a healthy day? Since it is least strenuous, people of any age group can attempt this exercise to keep themselves fit and healthy.
Step Aerobics
It is one of those exercises that can be done by both men and women. This exercise target the legs, hips and glutes giving the lower part of the body good shape.
It is the side to side sprinting that makes racquetball an excellent cardio exercise.
Cross-Country Skiing
Indoors or done outdoors on snow, cross country skiing is an incredible cardio exercise involving both upper and lower body. This helps burning around 330 calories in 30 minutes.
Rock Climbing
It is not only a cardio exercise, but uses arm and leg strength as well. It is a great workout to increase the stamina and power of the body.
It is an incredible cardio workout that can help in improving the power and strength of your arms and muscles.

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