Since breast augmentation is not a natural process, prior analyzing of pros and cons is highly essential. With this article, know the various advantages and disadvantages of breast enlargement.

Pros And Cons Of Breast Augmentation

These breasts are getting bigger and bigger. And hence, medical science has been very kind to women who have been longing for improving their breast size. Reasons are numerous, right from enhancing the body’s appearance to increasing their visual sexual appeal to perfecting both the breasts. Just like the umpteen reasons for breast implants, science has come up with various breast augmentation or breast enhancement techniques giving the women an easy route to possessing larger, firmer and fuller bust size. But like any other surgery, beast augmentation too can cause several complications. Therefore, it is highly essential to look into the advantages and disadvantages of breast augmentation before going under the knife. Scroll on further to know the various pros and cons of this surgery.
Breast Enlargement Advantages 
  • Women recuperating from mastectomy, or breast cancer, can look up to breast augmentation, also known as cosmetic surgery. The dreadful breast cancer can leave women highly insecure about their appearance especially after chemotherapy. Thus, breast enhancement largely helps in reconstructing the shape of the breasts similar to their earlier appearance.
  • Women, who are almost flat chested or are obsessed with bigger boobs, can go under the knife and get the desired breast shape and size. The advancements in medical science allows a woman to have big buxom from no-breasts in just a few hours. Also, different kinds of enhancement are available for your comfort. The different between these are the implants (saline or silicone) and the method of insertion (from the armpits, from side of the breast and from the belly button). Only the belly button method leaves you with no scars and recovers quickly.
  • Some women are dismayed about the perfection of their breasts. Some worry about the appearance of their nipples while others notice the drooping of one breast than the other with ageing. Here, breast augmentation comes to their rescue allowing them to satisfy their physical appearance through a ‘boob job’. 

Breast Enlargement Disadvantages
Though most women are not likely to be affected by the local anesthesia, but some are sensitive and run a risk of getting allergic. Thereby, women who suffer allergies due to anesthesia can induce complications. Surprisingly, there have been cases where women die due to such adverse effects.
Before you take the big step towards proceeding for breast implants, think again. Your doctor will stretch your case long motivating you to go for the surgery. But, if you think you look great the way you are, step back as you do not want to live with the scars for the rest of your life, right? However, if you have vibes that you can turn heads with the new implants, you can move ahead but beware; you will always have the scars.
Breast implants have good chances of rupturing. This not only sounds life threatening, it has been fatal in most cases. Furthermore, a ruptured breast implant has to be removed immediately resulting in another surgery leading to further complications in some cases.
The worst of all breast augmentation disadvantages is the development of certain infections in your breast implants. As a result, you might have to go for an immediate removal of the implants which can be a very painful process in total. Also, doctors think twice before they operate on your breast implants and put them back all over again.
Loss of Sensation

While all the disadvantages indicate that breast enhancement is not really worth giving a try, it has another risk. For your kind information, breast enlargement can result in loss of sensation in the breast or nipple area. This can also lead to complete numbness and difficulty in lactating in the future.

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