This article is for those mothers who are concerned about producing more breast milk, in other words, increasing breast milk production. Know how to increase your breast milk supply.

How To Increase Breast Milk Supply

Have you started feeling that you are producing or supplying less breast milk? Do you feel that your breast milk is not adequate enough to meet your baby’s needs? Then, probably it is the time to fix a meeting with your lactation consultant and try to ascertain the reason behind the same. In case you do not find any major reason behind the low supply of breast milk, it might be because of less stimulation. You can follow the tips given below for increasing breast milk production. Most probably, you will start producing more breast milk within 24-72 hours.
How to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply 
  • One of the best ways of increasing breast milk production is by nursing pr pumping more frequently. You should start nursing your baby very 1½ to 2 hours in the day and every 3 hours at night. The time should be calculated from beginning of one nursing to beginning of the next. Whenever you feel that you cannot feed, pump.
  • If you feel that your breast milk supply is really low, you can add pumping to the frequent nursing of your baby. You can also do pumping for a few minutes, after the baby has stopped nursing.
  • Let your baby nurse on both the breasts at every feeding. This will help in the stimulation of the breasts and hence, more milk supply.
  • Make sure to let your baby nurse on each side till the time he either pulls off himself or goes off to sleep.
  • If your baby cannot nurse at the breast, it is advisable to use an electric pump for double pumping. Each pumping session should last 10-15 minutes. This will help in increasing the levels of Prolactin hormone in the body, which stimulates milk production.
  • Almost all the babies have the habit of sucking. Instead of pacifiers, offer your baby your breasts. This will help in stimulating the breasts and thus, increase the milk production.
  • Avoid giving your baby supplements like solid food, water, juice and formula. These supplements will reduce your nursing time and in turn, the breast stimulation.
  • Food items rich in protein and calcium are very good for milk production. Eat such items as much as you can.
  • Make sure to drink enough water, so that you do not feel thirsty. However, excessive fluid intake is also not good. So, don’t over drink.
  • Fenugreek has been found to be beneficial in increasing the breast milk supply. However, consult your doctor for the exact dosage.
  • Do not take stress and be totally relaxed while breastfeeding. This will help in easing and increasing the milk supply.
  • Make sure to massage your breasts on a daily basis, in the bed, in the shower and so on. This will help stimulate milk production.
  • Lastly, if none of the tips mentioned above seem to work, it is the time to visit the doctor.

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