Treating clogged milk ducts in nursing mothers is very important, as it can give way to other breast infections later. Find out how to open clogged milk duct when breast feeding.

Clogged Milk Duct

Throbbing breasts in nursing mothers are generally brought about by clogged or plugged milk ducts. Blocked milk ducts prevent the drainage of the milk from the breasts. As a result, the breasts get inflamed and become tender to touch. Generally, the preliminary symptom of a clogged milk duct is seen in the form of a small and painful lump in the breast. Some women may also notice redness on the breasts and may get extremely feverish and exhausted. Such a condition, if not dealt properly in the early stages only, can lead to advanced breast infections like ‘Mastitis’. Peruse this topic to understand how to open a clogged milk duct when breast feeding.
 Treating Clogged Milk Ducts 
  • Frequently nurse the baby. See that the milk in your breasts gets emptied with constant suckling.
  • Apply warm compresses in the breasts before the feeding session. It will help in emptying the breast.
  • It is necessary that you try different nursing positions every time. Try the cradle position, football hold or nurse lying down.
  • Firmly massage the tender breast to ease the pain. Start at the top and slowly proceed your way towards the nipple.  
  • It is necessary that you take proper rest during nursing period. Ask someone to baby sit your child, till you grab a few hours of sleep.
  • Drink plenty of orange juice to open the clogged milk ducts. 
Curative Feeding Positions 
  • Place the baby in such a position that his chin is directed towards the aching spot. This position leads to direct suction at the clogged ducts and facilitates the healing process.
  • Try feeding your baby as you lean directly on top of him. Stand on both your hands and feet and let your breasts hang freely. This position also helps in opening the clogged ducts during nursing. 

To prevent further clogging of the milk ducts, always wear well-fitted nursing bras and avoid long stretches between the feeding sessions.

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