Strong and toned calf muscles can greatly enhance a person’s physique. Check out how to build stronger calves, with the simple calf muscle building exercises given below.

Building Calf Muscles

A strong and sculpted pair of calves is what every man desires. More often than not, most men end up literally sweating blood in the gym to tone up their calf muscles. However, in most cases, rigorous exercise only leads to frustration. Why? This is because calf muscles are probably the most demanding of all muscles in the body. Multiplied sets and repetitions in the gym do not always do the trick when it comes to molding them. Often, the length of a muscle and the insertion point of the tendon determine how easily you can shape your calves. Therefore, considering everything, we have provided a few exercises below, which will undoubtedly help you in achieving a pair of killer calves.  Read on to know how to build calf muscles.
Exercises for Building Calf Muscles
Donkey Calve Raises
This exercise can be done with or without the help of any weights. Bend down and press down your palms on a bench. As you stoop and support yourself on the bench, ask someone (preferably a heavy person) to mount on your back. Now, slowly raise your heels off the floor. Once you feel your calf muscle contracting, relax your heels down. Repeat 15-20 times and slowly, build on.
Standing Calve Raises
Place your shoulders under the padded lever of the machine and balance toes and balls of feet on calf block. Ensure that the arches and heels are extending off. Now, hold handles or sides of the lever. Lift heels by extending ankles as much as possible and lower heels by bending ankles until you feel your calf muscles stretch. In case, you want to perform the exercise manually, take a barbell, place it on your shoulders and raise heels and lower them the same way you do while performing on the machine. Repeat for 20-25 times.
Seated Calve Raises

You can perform seated calve raises on a machine. The seated calf raise machine has an area where you sit, with a padded section resting on top of your knees. Position toes on lower portion of platform, with your heels extending off. Place lower thighs under the lever pad and grasp its handles with your hands. Now, raise heels up, while pushing the lever. In case, you want to perform this same exercise without a machine, simply sit on a bench and put a barbell on your knees. Now, stretch you feet shoulder-width-apart and slowly raise your heels off the floor. Once you feel the muscles contract, lower your heels. Repeat 20-25 times.

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