The back provides strength to the entire body. Read the article below to learn more on back workout routines.

Back Workout Routine

For complete fitness back exercises are absolutely necessary. The back not only supports most of the muscles but it also protects the entire nervous system. That is why you need to bolster the back with exercises that specifically target it. A back problem can send anybody sprawling on the bed and it is perhaps one of the most common complaints around. This makes exercising the back all the more important. These exercises can save you from debilitating back problems in the future and when the years start taking their toll you can rest assured that your back will not be a problem to you, but only if you exercise regularly to strengthen the back muscles. Back exercises are not that different from regular exercises and only a simple modification of other exercises can give you an effective back workout. To know more go through the article below for the various tips on back workout.
Tips On Back Workout
  • Sit on the lateral pull down machine. Keep the hands at the shoulder width and then hold the bar with an underhand grip. Now pull the bar down in front till the middle of the chest and then return to the start position. Repeat for 9 to 12 times and perform at least 3 sets.
  • Hold a barbell and bend with the chest forward over the feet. The feet should be kept shoulder width apart and the knees slightly bent. Use an over hand grip and hold the barbell with both hands shoulder width apart. Fully extend the arms and then lift the barbell up till the stomach area. Then bring down to the original position. Keep the shoulders back and the head up during the exercise. Repeat 10 to 12 times and do three sets.
  • Using an overhand grip grab a pull-up bar keeping the hands shoulder width apart. Now lift the body up as high as possible and then return to the original position. Continue for 3 sets with 12 repetitions.
  • Place yourself in a cable row machine and hold the rowing handle. Now, pull the handle into your stomach and slowly return to the original position. Keep the back straight and perpendicular. And do this exercise for 12 repetitions and three sets.
  • Sit in a lateral pull-down machine and using an overhand grip hold the bar, keeping the hands very wide. Now pull the bar behind the neck till it touches the back of the neck. Then bring back the bar to the start position. Repeat 12 times for three sets each.
  • Set the right leg on the ground and keep the left knee and the left hand on a flat bench. Bend forward so that the back is parallel to the floor. Now with the palm facing towards the body hold a dumbbell and pull it towards your chest and then take it back. Do this for a few sets.
  • Running and cycling are also effective back workout routines. Run or cycle for ten minutes to effectively warm up the back muscles.

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