Are you planning to build your biceps? If yes, then be prepared to follow a workout routine religiously. With this article, explore best bicep workout routine.

Bicep Workout Routine

All you guys out there must have always gawked at the awe-inspiring physique of Arnold or Lee Haney, isn’t it? You must have desired python arms, which proudly proclaim “strong and powerful”! Though possessing massive arms is directly affected by genetics, with the right amount of intensity and perseverance, strong biceps are not hard to attain. While following a bicep workout routine, you should keep in mind that the body will respond to it only if you provide the body what it needs. Lifting weights is just a stimulus. Eating right and resting well plays an important role for building those strong muscles. This article provides you with an effective bicep workout routine for you to build up robust biceps within months of rigorous training. However, remember this is a sample workout program and may or may not work for you.
Best Bicep Workout
Begin your workout routine with a warming up session. Your body muscles should be activated first or else it would soon tire out. Either running or cycling for 10 minutes every day is recommended. Both of them are cardiovascular forms of exercise and hence would tone up your entire body, instead of focusing on any one particular region. 
  • After you are done with the warming up session, it is time to begin with the exercises. Several exercises such as Barbell Curls, Concentration Curls, Hammer Curls, Close-Grip Chin-Ups as well as Dumbbell Curls help in making your biceps bigger and stronger with time. Remember, the right number of repeats can get you awe-inspiring biceps within a matter of few months. But take care not to over-exert yourself.
  • While following a bicep workout routine, always remember that the frequency of your workout decreases as your biceps become stronger with gradual exercising. If you performed the workout for three times in a week in your initial bicep building days, the frequency of the training in the advanced stages should be reduced to not more than once in a week. As your biceps become stronger and bigger, they require far more intense training rather than frequent training.
  • Did you know that body building is destructive? And that a bicep workout routine does not build your muscle but breaks it down? This is due to the body’s adaptive measures against the stressful exercises. So, how do you get bigger and stronger muscle in turn? Your body requires food to fight back. Eat right and consume more calories a day in order to keep your basic metabolic rate stable.  
  • ‘Barbell Curls’ is an effective exercise to build biceps. Do at least 3 sets, resting well between 10 repetitions of the exercise. To perform this exercise, you require a barbell. First of all, stand straight and hold the barbell with an under-hand grip, keeping it just above your shoulder. Keep your elbows locked by your side and slowly lift the barbell, until it is just under your chin. Try to remain in this position for a few seconds and then slowly lower down the weight. Now, keep repeating it for at least 6-10 times and then take a break.  
  • ‘Close Grip Chin Ups’ exercise is a good option to build up your biceps. Try doing at least 3 sets of this exercise, where each set comprises of 6-10 repetitions. You require a chin-up bar to perform this exercise. First of all, hang from the chin up bar and grip the bar in a way that your palms face towards you. Your feet should remain above the ground. Now pull your body upwards so that your chin is above the bar. Try and remain in this position for a few seconds and then slowly lower yourself back to the initial position. Repeat this exercise for 6-10 times and then take a break. 
  • 3 sets of ‘Concentration Curls’, where each set comprises of 6-10 repetitions is another bicep workout exercise you should practice. In order to perform this exercise, you need a dumbbell. First of all, sit at the edge of a bench and keep your legs at least 70-80 degrees apart from each other. Now pick up the dumbbell from between your legs. Keep your arms straight and rest your triceps against your thigh. Slowly bend your arms and raise the dumbbell and keep raising it until it almost touches your shoulder. Now slowly lower the back as well so that your arm is fully extended. Repeat the exercise for at least 10 times before interval.
  • ‘Hammer Curls’ is a professionally recommended bicep workout exercise and doing 3 sets of this exercise, where each set comprises of 10-15 repeats is really effective in the long run. To perform this exercise, you require dumbbells. Stand straight and hold your dumbbells by your sides, so that your palms face inwards. With your elbows locked by your sides, slowly lift the dumbbells and let them almost touch your shoulders. Remain in this position for a few seconds and slowly lower the weight carefully. Repeat the exercise for 10-15 times and then rest well before you begin with another set.
  • ‘Dumbbell Curls’ is another form of bicep workout exercise that you need to do. Practice 3 sets of it, where each set comprises of 20-30 repeats. First, stand straight with your knees slightly bent. Now hold your dumbbells with a grip which keeps your palms facing up. Now extend your arms fully and place it by your sides firmly. Leave your elbows loose. Now lift the dumbbells slowly up until they reach your shoulders. Remain in this position for a few seconds before lowering down the weight to the initial position. Repeat the exercise for 20-30 times before you decide to take a break.  
  • Every four weeks, alternate between Barbell Curls’, ‘Close Grip Chin Ups’ and ‘Concentration Curls’. Couple the exercise with either ‘Hammer Curls’ or ‘Dumbbell Curls’.
  • The number of sets of exercises you perform actually depends on the fitness goals you have in mind. If you aim to simply strengthen your muscles, performing sets comprising of 6-10 repeats serves well.
  • If you aim to tone and shape your muscles, each set of exercise should comprise of 10-15 repeats.
  • For aerobic fitness, squeeze in 20 repeats or more in each set.

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