Do you envy the bulging and strong biceps of one of your friends or other men that you come across? Then, give one of the different types of bicep curls listed in this article a try.

Bicep Curls

Whenever you see a weight lifter performing exercises, you will always come across him doing some bicep curls. After all, bicep curls are one of the most basic weight lifting exercises carried out for achieving stronger biceps. These hard and bulging guns (or, biceps) are the most attractive part of a person’s body, be it a man or woman. Anyone longing for a shaped and well toned body has to definitely consider his biceps as well. All this is not at all difficult as all you need to do is make some bicep curls a part of your daily fitness regime. Given here are different types of bicep curls that you can perform. Take a look and step forward towards having those perfectly toned biceps.
Different Types Of Bicep Curls
Straight Barbell Curls
Next time, whenever you hear someone saying “straight barbell curls”, perceive them to be bicep curls as they are the most basic curl exercise for biceps. Stand straight with your feet at shoulder width distance and knees slightly bent. Hold a barbell in your hand while keeping your shoulders relaxed and straight. Bring up the barbell to your chest and squeeze in a little at the peak position. Hold for 3 to 4 seconds and gradually bring down the barbell to the starting position. Very simple, but highly effective curl!
Standing Dumbbell Curls
Stand upright and hold a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing upwards. Your legs should be hip width apart slightly bent at knees. Lift both your forearms simultaneously to your shoulders. When you reach the peak position, lower the dumbbells slowly back to the starting point. Your bicep muscles should squeeze while you lower your forearms. Repeat eight times.
Concentration Curls
If you wanna work on your upper biceps, then concentration curls are your pick. Hold one dumbbell in one of your hands and sit on a chair or bench. Slightly lean forward and position your triceps (back of the arms) on the inside of your thighs. Lower the dumbbell while inhaling and bring back the dumbbell to the shoulder while exhaling. Hold for 3 to 4 seconds squeezing the biceps and lower the dumbbell to the start position. Switch the dumbbell to the other hand and repeat.
Hammer Curls
While concentration curls target the upper biceps, hammer curls aim the lower biceps. Hold a dumbbell in each of your hands. Your palms should be facing your legs. Bring your forearms up to your shoulders till they touch your biceps while exhaling. Lower your forearms to the start position while inhaling. Make sure that your elbows are close to the body.
Preacher Curls
To target most of your biceps and increasing their strength, try out preacher curls. Hold a barbell or a pair of dumbbells and rest your arms on a preacher pad. Squeeze your chest against the pad and curl up the barbell or dumbbells slowly up to your chest till you feel the contraction. Lower them down to the initial position.

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